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April 18, 2014


You are very talented and Your etsy shop is wonderful.
Your ideas on paper are inspiring for me to knit them!
I like to draw like This when I'm on phone with Someone... Can't stop my brain.
Have a Great week end
Miss xx

Oooh, how fun! Are you going to put little critters in your doodle hoops???

You're a good doodler. I like to draw pics for the grandkids, but I'm not so great. Still, it's fun to play with pencils and crayons.

Just came across your post on Pinterest while looking for ideas on a crochet edge for a baby burping rag for a friend. And I found the beautiful picture of the pillow case edges, which by the way "I love them" and then I spotted that you like to doodle and walaaa!!!... I was hooked. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and your enthusiasm through your words. It's so contagious and encouraging to continue in the road of the beautiful world of art!!! Once again thank you! Sincerely, Yeca with Yeca's Crochet!

How do can continue getting your posts?
Thank you,

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