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December 07, 2013


Oh yes, those look great together. Lucky baby!

Talk about perfect match, you really scored, little baby hat is adorable and what a perfect match to the jammies.
What part of MT are you in? I read in paper it was 20 below in MT and South Dakota. We used to live south of Helena on Canyon Ferry Lake. Our first winter in MT (we moved from San Diego area) was at least 25 below during day. I'd have to wait til early afternoon before the water thawed so I could take a shower. Quite a change from San Diego, but I loved it there, we had 20 acres. I'd go back in a heart beat.
We live in western CO now and have had some pretty cold temps. Last week we had 15 below at night, in teens during the day, out where we live, few miles west of Junction. We had about 8 1/2 inches of snow on Wed. and light snow on Friday.
Do you live in a town or out in country? I still miss MT so much. We've lived a few places but MT is still the best. Happy week
I used to crochet, but have arthritis too bad in hands now. Hope you can keep crocheting, I know I miss it so much.

Precious! I have TWO baby boys who need that toboggan! Do you have a pattern available?

Oh How Cute!!! That little beanie is perfect. And that POM POM -- you must show us how you get them so perfectly round and mottled!!!!

Precious hat with that cute suit...would you share the pattern?

What a match! Your crochet hat is adorable. My daughter is teaching herself to crochet. She wants to make adorable hats for her children. And I want her to make adorable hats for me too.

Anna from Thimbleanna told me you have a squirrel story. I just finished making some of your felt animals for my grandkids for Christmas ornaments, and when she saw the squirrel, she said to ask you about the squirrel story.


Great to see another cute crochet project from you! Love the idea, wish I could crochet without my fingers going numb!

I love this cute little hat! Would you share the pattern?

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