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October 30, 2013


Wow, love these rainbow colours. You sure wont be cold...!

Love those rainbow colors.

Oooh, You Go Girl!!! (Ha!) Those are gorgeous! We're a little behind you, but winter is coming -- stay warm!

Where can I find the pattern for these? What yarn are you using?

I've used that yarn before! A scarf, I think, that never got finished. =\ Those will be beautiful mitts! Do you have a pattern to share?

I'm a knitter, and I live in Iowa. I am predicting a really cold winter this year, and I think we will all need lots and LOTS of mittens. (Plus they are just fun to make.) Your mitts are darling---

Cute mitties! Stay warm this winter.

This yarn is divine! What a cheer to the winter! I hope you haven't been too affected by the polar vortex we have been hearing about in the news. It is lovely to get back into blogging and catch up with my faves. Reading blogs feels like catching up with old friends :) hope all is well and best wishes for 2014 x

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