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August 08, 2013


Oooh, they look SO cute! I love that cute little racoon. Do you have a squirrel??? You DEFINITELY need a squirrel!!!

Cute little raccoon and fox. How about a hedgehog? Do you use regular floss or pearl cotton?

I love your little felt ornaments! You give them such personality! Wish I could stitch like you. Thanks for posting. Your creations always brighten my day.

Ilove your happiness, brightness,and cheerfulness. I have just subscribed. Do you offer templates of your felt ornaments? I love to work with felt and give away things to my neighbors. But, I cannot draw so need patterns....I know that is cheating. Thank you for making my day.

Cassie, Of all the felt cuties I have seen NONE compare to yours. They are just darling! I have made two squirrels. I'm new to the felt world. I keep hoping to see your little fox, owl, or raccoon on your site too. Any chance you will put those patterns up for sale? Such perfect gifts for family and friends. Love your creations! Thank you for sharing!

I know patterns of these felt ornaments are not available (except the squirrels), but do you object to copying your idea based on the pictures for personal and gift use? I'd love to make these cute guys.

Did you ever make a pattern for the raccoon? I love him and would love to make my own.

Aw! These are delightful! These brought a real smile to my face. Their little faces are so very sweet and I especially love the embroidery on them too! x

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