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March 05, 2013


These are so cute....I know you will stick with it! i, too, have many things I have fallen short of the mark on. I would love to learn crochet...any suggestions.

Love this project, just like the rest of them :)
And P.S. you have a new follower.

This looks like the start of something fun! Can't wait to see what it develops into!

Ooooh, looks like fun! Are you going to use aqua for the background color???

Cassie, these look fabulous!! I checked out the picture on pinterest. I'm glad you found it--I try to stay off of pinterest except for pinning things to my own board so I can find them later.

So anyway, I totally gave up on my crocheted fusion blanket--the crocheted edging around fabric squares--that I started in the summer. Maybe something like this would be more up my alley...

Good work so far. Don't give up, you can do it. Good luck!

I love these 'targets'. You can't even see where the new rows begin. Do you only go through the back loops to join and is that why it's so seamless? Good work. I love your 'love' pendants too. So special. Your girls are lucky to have such a sweet Mom.

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