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December 01, 2012


Just precious! I love their eyes. So much expression. The racoon just slays me :)

So adorable. Just printed it out to make a few for me to hang in the sewing room. You inspired me to buy the sparrow pattern as well. Have a good one!

They're all adorable - I don't think I would have been able to part with them. My list is way too long too - I'm pretty sure it all won't get done!!!

These are just gorgeous!!!

My kids love these and a begging for them for their tree. Do you have a pattern for the fox and raccoon also?

These are adorable! I think they need to come to my house, too. :) This may be a really silly question that would be answered if I would read another post, but do you sell these on Etsy or somewhere else, or do you have patterns available?

They are all soooo Cute!
At least you have pictures to look at when you miss them
I especially like the fox and raccoon

Thanks for sharing the felties!

SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE and SWEET..LOVE them too the person in Canada will be so happy with them...I wished it was me!

So very adorable. I can see why you cried when you send good bye!

Sooo cute! Do you have the patterns available as a group download? Or better yet a set with the felt and eyes all packaged up with the patterns? You could sell the heck out of either of these options. Imagine, creating it once, enjoying the process and the result and then selling hundreds more in pattern or "set" form!

Hi there! I just tried to email you and it said email not set up..... I made one of your old patterns...a squirrel...as a Christmas gift for a squirrel fanatic...it came out fantastic, but because I have no experience sewing, I am stuck as to how to make the part it will hang from...do you just use a needle and attach a thread? HELP! Jackie at pleasureinsimplethings.com

Darling cute. I ADORE the skunk... Wish I had the patience to make things like these... Is it hard?

These are SO CUTE!!! Can't wait to make these for my grandkids! Just darling!

oh how lovely, these are just gorgeous!

These are killing me with their cuteness! I know Christmas is over, but maybe that's a good thing. I'll probably need until next year to actually finish these. I don't see the pattern in your shop though.

I love these! Do you have/sell these patterns? I would definately be interested in them! mrskroger@gmail.com

Where do you get all the wonderful colors of felt? Thank youl

Aw! So cute! I saw so many cute and funky hunks of felt at the fabric store yesterday. I LOVE your forest friends!

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