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December 17, 2012


:) yes, I've been trying to elf. I made some letters like I see you have there, for my 2.5 yr. granddaughter, just need to trim the edges.

I haven't gotten much done lately. Blogging takes so much of my time. If I could ever get anything more than dial up I would think I was in heaven! I do miss making things.

I have been and I love it! Just checked my ears....no points ;)
I have been letting/allowing/being intune with my inner elf, and have been spreading unexpected joy whenever the mood strikes. Man oh man, I should have been doing this all along!

I always love it when you pop in here Ms. GoGirl! I hope you're taking lots of pictures so you can show us when it's all over. I've been working on a few things -- but nothing terribly cute or exciting LOL!

Ha ha ha! Nice to laugh out loud first thing in the morning. You are the greatest elf ever. With or without pointy ears. I've been elfing a lot. Love being an elf. Ears? Pointy. Proudly pointy that is. :D

I've done some elfing....what a lovely term!, but not as much as I wanted. I love your felt critters, just gorgeous and so clever. Just browsing blogdom - good to meet you! Seasons greetings. Ash

Yes I have !
Embroidered some vintage dishtowels and added a crochet edge. Everyone loves them :)Plus I have at least 4 other projects going and of course about a thousand of them in my head, lol

Yes, I HAVE been elfing. I wish I would have starting elfing MUCH sooner--that would have been helpful...

Yes my ears are getting pointy and so are my shoes. I have started to hear jingle bells when I walk also. Is that a bad thing? I have been working on goodies for the kids. I always wait until the last minute to make up a bunch of goodies for them. Can't wait to show them all on the blog but can't yet. They are sneaky peekers.

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