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November 19, 2012


I love Betty Lu! Last year I made your squirrel. I have friends who made enemies with a squirrel that had taken to up residence in their attic. After much drama they finally evicted the little critter so to mark their adventure I made his and her squirrels. I don't anybody with owl drama but she sure is cute!

She's adorable! It's amazing how much personality you conjured out of that felt.


Tooo Cute!!
Love her eyes!

Adorable! But I went to your Etsy site to buy one and there were no owls :( Will you be listing them, or are they just for you?

Cutie Hootie!

SOoo sweet!

It's super cute Cassie! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I. Love. Her. When I look at her, I feel like I did when I was oh so young, naive, and full of the joy of life to come.
A couple of years ago, right?

What a sweet, sweet owl! Adorable. g

It looks like you are so talented you don't need a pattern.
Just a note that I read somewhere recently about patterns. Court ruling was that if you purchase the pattern, you are allowed to do what you like with the items you make, selling them included. You cannot, of course, sell copies of the pattern. You may mention the pattern designer as a courtesy, but it is not required, and you cannot claim the design as your own.

I will wait for your patterns. So stinking cute!!!

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