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July 27, 2012


Oh, that's simply stunning! The pattern's new to me, and I love it. Hooray for handmade Christmas.

Wow, it's pretty. I love it.

Way to go - I am totally impressed and now trying not to hyperventilate that Christmas is less than 5 mos away! LOL... thanks for the links - I'm off to check them out now!

It's beautiful! The recipient will be so thrilled.

That is super cute...but you need to tell me how long it took to make?!? My list is oh soooo long. :)

Ha, ha, too funny! I love this scarf, was it hard to make?

Beau-ti-ful!!!! Love the colours you used.

Beautiful! I am obsessed!


You're too funny. Maybe you should give me my gift on my birthday instead of waiting until Christmas LOL. It's beautiful!

LOVE this. And so, so, so impressed that you have the jump on gift making! Perhaps a bit envious, too...hehehe. But I may feel comfortable stealing, I mean borrowing, this idea :)

Your gift is stunning! They are going to love it. I am sure that the Mayan's will hold out for you so that you can give the gift. I, too, have Christmas on the brain. You know how life gets - in no time Christmas will be here. Thanks for including the link to both the pattern and the yarn.


I was looking for owls on pinterest and was totally smitten by your felt owl ornament with the polka dot tummy(?).I tried to retrieve the pattern from Jessica Levitt's blog but alas, not working. I know this is like from November 2010 but I was hoping you may still have the pattern or the knowledge of another as we would like to make these for my daughter's baby shower in the fall. I love your projects and your sense of humour. I'll be adding you to my favorites. Thank you so much, Doris

Haha...love it! I'm crocheting like mad for christmas too, but if the world ends I think it's scheduled for before Christmas. So let's not stress too much :) Lovely scarf, beautiful colors, nice pattern.

So pretty ... I want to make one !

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