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July 02, 2012


What a nice story.

Many people think that baby deer are abandoned but really their mama will come back for them. The have no scent so if humans move them the mama can't find them again. PSA - leave them where they are! Looks like you are doing it right. :)

what joy and beauty. wish we have wild dears running around our backyards too!

Cute lil Baby Deer. We have a few spotted fawns around the pasture here too. The veggie patch is fenced, but the flowers are exposed. I know the dilemma.



adorable! i should send you pix of the wee possums that frequent MY backyard and torment my fluffers (bichon frise canines who think they're human) -- tee-hee!

Oh my gosh, how cute! I'm the same way, love them when they are tiny, but I'm out there chasing them away when they're bigger!!

Awwww, this is so sweet! Isn't it amazing that they know to stay so still? I was so upset several years ago to find a little fawn standing on our driveway when we arrived home from work. It was about the size of your little fawn if not smaller -- I thought maybe the mother had abandoned it, but with your explanation, it sounds like it just didn't stay where it was put. Poor little thing. Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures -- and for sacrificing your flowers. And Happy 4th!

Ohhh heavens you are blessed to have such beautiful creatures in your garden!!!

For no.. just treasure them x

aww so cute! must...snuggle...

ah geeeez~!!~you have the sweetest damn blog~!!!!!~

i'm adding you to my sidebar immediately.


p.s. i found you by following "Little Bits of This & That" as she linked to you in regards to a pillow crochet edging tutorial . . . one thing led to another . . . lost track of time and i gotta just say; LOVE blogland~!

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