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March 06, 2012


Crochet the edge. There are two options: either get a crochet hook that is pointed on the end (specifically for going through fabric), or get a tool that punches holes around the edge. I forget what they are called, but I'll look around and see if I can find what I'm thinking of. :)

I've also seen on Pinterest the idea of sewing a lace insert on the edge and crocheting into the lace.

There is NO WAY I would ever do the pillowcase edge like you do. :D I'm too lazy. ;-)

Sharp crochet hook: http://sharpcrochethook.com/

The other tool I was thinking of is called a "skip-stitch blade" and replaces your rotary blade in a rotary cutter. You can see how it is used here: http://skipstitch.com/instructions.htm

Hope that helps. :)

I want you to know who helpful your crocheted egde tutorial has been to me! I am currently adding a cute edge to a set of dishtowels I embroidered. I have found that if I double the floss and add just 1 more length it's just right.
I will standing by to see what you come up with :)

I didn't like the way the blanket stitch looked, so I used embroidery floss to put on the blanket stitch. It looks so much better! I think it will hold okay too.

Too funny!

Ooooh, I can't wait to hear the solution, 'cause you might not blurt out expletives, but I do. Not that the difficulty would stop me from making those awesome pillowcases, but anything easier will be good.

Now I'm off ... singing "I'm too girlish for my jeans" to the tune of "I'm too sexy for my jeans". I'm just plain ol' too fat for MY jeans, but I'm not going to sing THAT!

I love pretty pillowcases :):) oh so satisfying that trim.

for my knitting machine i probably need a years worth of chocolate, the patience it takes!!!!

B x

I am eagerly awaiting the epiphany on the blanket stitch. I have found that I simply work with a shorter length of yarn and so do not get all twisted up as I go. I am looking forward to finding out if there is another way. From one "girlish" girl to another, hang in there. Carolina

Ooh that snippet of your pillowcase looks divine, love the colours.

You made me laugh about your waistline...I actually use a project to stop me eating as an afternoon knitting is an afternoon not snacking on the biscuits in the cupboard!

Exercise around the crafting, that's what I do all my spare time is spent doing one or the other! - you will see my knitting and running adventures on my blog fleur.blogspot.com.

Happy Crafting
Fleur xx

Ohhh, so pretty :). Can't wait to hear back about making the ol' blanket stitch more manageable.

So exciting to see your post today. Right now i am trying to master it all...the blanket stitch and the edgings, using your tutorials. So fun, but takes some practice. I'm off to buy a smaller size crochet hook and some lighter weight yarn. Can't wait to hear what you've figured out about the blanket stitch. Have a wonderful day.

Oh gosh, someone on one of the blogs I follow was just promoting a pointy-headed crochet hook for exactly this kind of thing. I think the technique was to insert through cloth, single crochet, then chain three to the next place.

I made a couple of pillowcases for Christmas (using your technique, naturally) and the fabric turned out to be so tough to pierce that it took FOREVER just to do the foundation. Can't wait til you share your new solution!

Have you heard of the sharp crochet hook? It is new. Go to sharpcrochethook.com. I live your pillow cases!

can't wait to hear of your solution. Agreed that the mile-long yarn needed to do a blanket stitch the whole round of the foundation on the pillowcases is a PAIN of twisting yarn, ack!

I won't even try the crochet pillowcases after my disaster in trying it. God doesn't want me saying those naughty words so I just quit. I'll be watching what you do though!

I am excited to see what you have found. I LOVE your tutorials and have been wanting to make these pillowcases for months now but have been intimidated about putting that foundation row in - it looks great and I totally get how to do it - I am just procrastinating! I am excited to see what you have come up with. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials - they are amazing! :O)

Looking forward to your next entry - what will you come up with? New ideas are always welcome and if it's a help even better! Have a wonderful day - greetings from Germany

My husband's aunt would file the end of a crochet hook so it would easily poke into fabric. It was very similar to the link someone posted, only cheaper.

So can't wait to hear your solution! I love your pillowcases and I absolutely love how they look. They take a long time to complete - but are so adorable! I use your technic for baby blankets, so they take FOREVER. :)

I have a confession to make. I had never actually read your tutorial ... I just made my pillow cases by winging it. The blanket stitch went on with shorter threads, as I mentioned before, but before I put it through with the needle, I went all the way around the edge with an awl. The holes were "ready" for my needle and yarn, so that went faster, and then I used the shorter thread so as not to get tangled up. Yes I have a couple of extra nots, but I never even gave 2 seconds to the thought that it might bother me, it hasn't yet. I had to go back through my archives to see when I had done it (April 2010), http://themuseoftheday.typepad.com/the-muse-of-the-day/2010/04/lady-spring-got-me-started.html. The couple of knots haven't crossed my mind since. I also used the same awl technique with shorter thread on that lampshade I made, http://themuseoftheday.typepad.com/the-muse-of-the-day/2011/03/my-ta-da-moment.html, back in march of last year. It worked well for me. I am hoping that your trick is even better - ie. faster and easier. Will keep checking your blog. Carolina

Love your tutorials,I can't wait to try them. Do you always use cotton yarn for your edging?

Just stopped by to tell you I like it when you look too "girlish" for your jeans!!! That means I can see some really cool stuff!! Your blog is very inspirational!!! Thanks for the beautiful pillowcase tutorial!!!!

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