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January 03, 2012


When I lived in China, I bought a book in chinese on how to cut snowflakes. I can't read the writing, but the pictures are good. The chinese are really good at paper cutting. Your's look really perfect!

Wow! Those ARE nice Cassie! Mine look like a Kindergartener cut them. I take that back. I think my kids snowflakes are better than mine. Even though Christmas is over, I want to try cutting some just cause yours looks so nice. Hope you've been well!

Congratulations! They are beautiful! So lacy and delicate and perfect for January.

Ha ha ha. The way you describe things are hilarious. Buddy the Elf (my big time x-mas favorite...)is truly really proud of you Cassie. What gorgeous snowflakes!!! Now I got to try this too.

AHAHAH! You crack me up! Victory is SWEET! Love the snowflakes!

Ha ha! Paper Snowflake: The Untold Torment :D Lovely snowflakes, I'm quite jealous - I will try harder next time

I tried to teach the art of cutting snowflakes to my group of Kindergartners this week.......big mistake. I need to practice, and remember that they still have 5 year old fingers :)

They are beautiful. So glad you found the snowflake cutting secret.

Oh my gosh, thanks so much for that post. I I have always wondered how to make a pretty snowflake. I also wonder about making paper dolls all in a row. I think I will check that website. Thanks again for sharing!

I've always wanted to have a bunch of paper snowflakes hanging from my dining room ceiling, but mine always looked like a five year old made them. But now, mine are going to rock! Happy New Year :-)

You're hysterical! Not only did you win the war, but I think you should be crowned Queen of Snowflakes -- they're beautiful!!!

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