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January 12, 2012


hahaha!!! I have one of those "suspects" at my house. That made me laugh!

What an adorable suspect. Are you sure you found the guilty party? I think I might keep looking...kitty looks innocent to me.

Hilarious! That is the cutest post I have ever read! How could you not forgive that little (innocent looking) face?

Love your post, but I am sure you got the wrong 'person' :).

dirty rotten cutie! Always getting away with murder- well, vandalism as it were...

So funny!! Those types of things happen so often in my house full of pets and kids!

Hahaha I needed to laugh today. The cutest post ever !

Thanks, Jean

So glad the suspect was apprehended.
That isn't spelled right? You get my drift :)

Are you sure she is the culprit, Miss O could have been innocently been walking by the chair when the string try to attack her causing her to get tangled up and the only recourse she had was to bite her way to freedom.

I am so with Linda's version! Hopefully Miss O hasn't crumbled under the pressure and incriminated herself!!

Haha! Loved the "dirty rotten cutie" comment. I had a cat who would pick up the ball of yarn in her mouth and walk around the house with it. My work was unscathed but the ball would unwind as she walked around and the whole house would be wrapped in yarn. They are so lucky they're cute!

Hahaha! Little O is just adorable. She's probably been reading blogs while you've been sleeping -- there are other culprits in blogland! The victim in this case is brilliant with that stitch market -- that sort of thing never happens to me. Have a good weekend!

Oh, if she's not careful she' ll be sharing a cell with " little white dog" who lives at my house and has been guilty of unraveling and ruining many skeins of sock yarn. But he admits his guilt. He is generally hiding when we come home if he's been bad.... Not staring up with that little innocent face that your O has!

Someone looks guilty. Cute, but guilty.

Too much cuteness!

Oh Cassie, her brother is up to the same mischief at our house. Do we need to look at the mother's nurturing abilities? Does she have a flaw in her child rearing abilities? I think your investigation should be directed in that area perhaps:)

love this post! thanks for the smile!

If I were on the jury I'd let her off - Not guilty!

Know of those kind of criminals all too well. lol Glad to know I'm not the only one with a cat that loves crochet:)

lol - thanks for the fabulous post - made my day - and yes, Olive doesn't look too remorseful to me !!

that is so cute loved the "CSI" crime photos...lol

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