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November 20, 2011


The crowd IS going wild!!!! You're tooo cute -- and so are those ornaments. Thanks for the fun tutorial!

Adorable! I'll be making these for my tree!!!

Swoon! I'm definitely making one as one of handmade ornaments this year. So thanks for the tute! Will you possibly be sharing a tute for that adorable raccoon you pictured in your previous post? I'm quite smitten with him.



love them ...they are so cute ...thanks for sharing .......

Thank you thank you!!! :)

They are so cool! I will definitely give them a go. Just found your blog through searching for how to crochet a pillow case - am going to try that too for a Christmas present if it works out!

Thanks so much for sharing, and taking the time to do a full tutorial, these are adorable! I'm a Alpha Gamma Delta and our mascot is the squirrel, I think we're going to have to make these at our Christmas party this year!

Other Alpha Gams should check out the AGD Blog Network at http://www.AlphaGam.org

All right, I just found the tutorial that I was questioning on a different part of your blog. Thank you, they are sooooooooooo cute. Is there any way that we could find out how to do the owl and the racoon? They are adorable and are the inspiration I had for my daughter's woodland creatures birthday party. Thanks again.

Oh Cassie, you did it! I love these squirrels! I'll just have to make a few. I still love the owls you did a while back too.

Happy Stitchin'


These are really cute! Is there a pdf version of the directions?

Adorable.... thanks for sharing!

These are so very gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing. Love them.

PS: Pattern might not be so fancy, but it works and you did handle it with care, so the parts fit!
Some patterns might look very fancy, but once working with them, nothing seems right.
So thank you once again!!!

I will surely try to make this with my daughter! Thanks.

LOL! I love this post, you are hilarious :D And, obviously, rather talented. How cute those guys are... *squee* Thanks for the tutorial!


Thank you for the Tutorial!!!

Can't wait to make some!!!

Your ornaments are soooo cute! I shared this post with my readers at www.FreeFeltPatterns.com Thanks for the great post!

adorable! thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

very beautiful.

So stinking cute! My BFF's last name is Fox so I am going to make her one for Christmas (or maybe a family of 4... one for each of them)! :) I am going to make myself some squirrels because our backyard is a squirrel playground! Thanks sooo much for sharing!! :)

Thank you for your creative ornament pattern......so CUTE! Your photos really make them shine!

Sooo cute ! Exactly what I was looking for !!! ( My Little Squirrel will love it ! )

My kids and their friends love these, we have a little sewing bee on a Friday for their school craft project. Thanks for the pattern.

My sister in law loves squirrels! I know she'll appreciate this handmade squirrel ornaments for Christmas! Thank you for sharring! I'm a new follower! Please stop by anytime!

Warmest Regards,


We've made some squirrels from wool ... check them out:


Cheerio Rufus

So very cute! Have to make them, so that the crowd shouts here too!

une jolie réalisation super sympa merçi

Thank you so much for sharing your adorable patterns! I stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did. I even subscribed!

I must tell you I have been looking for hours for this post. I love these. Will you plese tell me where I can find them.

Trish Villa

Just printed out the pattern! I think this will be such a fun little winter project, getting all my squirrels in a row :)
Thanks so much for sharing the pattern, it'll be an awesome little take-along craft for me!

I saw your wonderful little squirrels on Pinterest and love them! Thanks for sharing. I wish I was as talented a stitcher as you! :)

Just mad 14 squirrels for a Wimsacal Woodland Party. For the Racoon and fox I made my own pattern by making copies and cuting out the pieces. I am going to use mine as refrigerator decorations with a magnet. They are so cute when they are done. Well worth the effert.

like pattern it is so cute looking for a fox

I know what hubby is getting in his stocking this year!!

My Mom shared a neat tip with me this Christmas while we were crafting. If you cut your pattern pieces out of fine sandpaper they will not slip off your felt while you are cutting and you won't have to trace them in pen.

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