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October 13, 2011


Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon. I had one of my far molars removed and they prepped it for a new one. I haven't had the new one put in yet... its always so expensive to do dental work. (But you already know this, right?) Now, I'm skeered to!

Ah yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel...about the tooth! No fun at all! I've been through that more times than I can count. My advice is to check with your dental insurance and see if they cover implants. That is the way to go...I have 3. It's fun to tell people that I have 3 implants. They look at me funny...until I clarify that they are DENTAL implants! Might as well have some fun with it!

Good luck with the tooth, and the flower is darling!


OUCH! Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your crappy -- I hope the pain will go away soon. Surely, looking at those adorable flowers helps just a bit? (And btw, I LOVE my cute little wallet!!!)

OOooh painful! Hope you heal up soon! ((hugs))

Ouch, sucky. Hope the jaw feels better soon.

Love those little flowers! So cute. Sorry about the tooth. Hope you feel better soon.

Oh no that's horrible and dentist bills are not cheap either, but at least your flowers look absolutely beautiful, hope you feel better soon xx

I am so sorry! Tooth stuff is the worst. Sending up a prayer that the pain killers help!

Poor, poor mouth-y. I'm sorry about your crappy tooth. I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Pretty flowers though!

Ugh! Sorry to hear about the crappy. I had the same thing happen years back, it was the most painful thing I've been through next to natural childbirth!

you doing okay cassie?
hate hate hate that sorta thing.
on the up side, your flowers were darling.
hope all is well by now.

Dental pain is excrutiating.......I feel your pain. The flowers are DARLING!

oh bad tooth! very bad tooth! nasty, nasty, nasty tooth! Feel better soon! Love the flowers! x H

Flowers sweet...tooth story, not so sweet so to speak. Hang in there. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

The Heart in Hand Project

crappy = Yikes

Love the flowers. Would you be willing to show-n-tell how you made them. I have a niece that has a flower theme in her bedroom and I would like to make a bouquet for her.

Oh my, that's horrible! I'm a real scaredy-cat when it comes to the dentist. On another note, your flowers are precious!

That's sounds awful - hope it improves and you get a tooth back again! But the flower put a smile on my face !

Darling flowers!
And not only crappy, but EXPENSIVE!

I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT NEED TO READ THIS, now I am scared to death. I have been dealing with two "crappy" teeth myself and the recent crowns did not do the trick. The words crappy, scary, and trick all in one comment? I know it is Halloween, but heaven help me. Carolina

Sometimes it feel better as a update but sometimes it really hurts as like panda october update..This is the reason why I call google a cruel lover..

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