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July 17, 2011


Super cute. I always love your fabric choices! I'm going to have to try the sewing with elastic thread - love the non-bulky look. What size do you think the bloomers are?

Omygosh. Is it really that easy??? I am going to try that right away. I really dislike putting in elastic (creating the sleeve, threading through, trying to get even-ish gathers, sewing the ends...) but do enjoy making small person clothes. Can't wait!

Adorable bloomers! My little grandgirls would look so sweet in them. Now I must find me some elastic thread. Thanks for the tip!


I do more than agree, thanks for sharing ! Yet i was wondering about the water ? Nice fabric association, by the way ☺

That little outfit is SOOOO cute! I love the main fabric -- you're amazing at putting the combos together. Now...onto that elastic trick. Did you use a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch? And do you have to change the tension in your bobbin or anything?

that little outfit is darling; the patterns complement each other very well!!

So can you iron the elastic thread? What about high heat from the dryer? Can it handle that well? It does sound like a dream come true. I have lots of ideas that have been put off simply because the casing was a hiccup. I will have to look into this. Thanks for the heads up. Hope your summer is going well. Carolina

That's a very, very pretty little outfit! Pity they don't make these in adult sizes, hm? :) x

Love the photo of the horse checking out the little outfit. Found your blog on Two Little Banshees blog. Visited your Etsy shop also. Subscribe by email to you blog. Stop by and visit sometimes.

Patricia aka Mamaw


oh wow cassie!!!
i'm always in awe of the things that you sew. i'm going to have to get that heather ross book.
darling fabric choices.

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