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May 17, 2011


Those are the cutest little owls! I might just be in love !!!!

Ooh, I look forward to hearing about the kitchen revamp! I love the little owls, they're fantastic! We're setting up a company at the moment and our logo is a friendly owl :) I'm excited to have a proper go at your tutorials soon as I am now a proud owner of a new sewing machine - I hope to post about it soon. I am sooo excited! :)

Oh. my. gah. Those are adorable. And the wallpaper...girl, it's a stinky job, isn't it? You made me laugh. :)

Hey -- wanna trade? I'd rather be doing the wallpaper (sadly that will come later) than the tile removal. I can't wait to see your new kitchen. Did you get the new counter tops in yet? Our final bid arrived today -- the counter top price was up by about 35% with no explanation. Poor woman -- now she's going to have to deal with hubby. Won't we all be glad when this is all over and we can get back to some fun stuff?

I hate painting! I think, no, I know I would hate wall paper removal!! But I love my new kitchen!!!! Good luck with it all..Looking forward to seeing some pics.

Oh I am so NOT looking forward to having to take the wall paper off my kitchen walls! It is OLD and well stuck and NOT on my most wanted to do list. Good Luck with the paint! Those owls are adorable by the way!

Those are adorable!
I'm with ya on the wallpaper, that is a tedius awful job, but the end result is usually wonderful!

Hi Cassie, I've been following your blog for a short time, and I really like to see your craftwork.
But today, when I read about your wallpaper work, it made me laugh a lot. I can imagine someone doing all this work. I guess the determination of having a new room is stronger than any terrible work we have to do.
Anyway, good work and don't leave your craft!
Take care.

Oh my gosh...this brings back memories of our first house. I scraped 7 layers of paint and wallpaper off of the living/parlor area. They had never removed the wallpaper before, all the previous owners just kept adding layers. It was so exhausting but I was so proud, and it looked so clean and pretty when I painted those walls. I can't wait to see your "new" kitchen!

The owls look adorable, perhaps you should hang them in the kitchen to keep an eye on the kitchen redo project. I know all about wall paper removing/taping/priming/painting, NONE of it is fun. After you are all done, it is still hard to forget that part. As a mom, the hardest part is that all other projects (think children, house, food, etc.) still have to be accomplished. Just keep going. Carolina

Oh I so know where you are coming from. I am visiting my son right now but am going home and will be removing some flowered wallpaper in our spare room that has been there since 1970 I'm sure. No, it's not my paper. We just bought this house last fall. Try and think how beautiful your room will be when you are all done.
YOur owls are just divine. How beautifully finished.

Hi, I feel your pain with the wallpaper removal...we renovated a house built in 1918 with 5 layers of wallpaper (with some paint inbetween) on all walls and the ceilings in the upstairs. Not fun to remove but well worth it!! I have a question...where do you get your felt? It is such cute colors! I have limited access to craft stores and don't mind buying online (if I can find a good deal). THanks!

The embroidery adds such a nice touch. Hang in there with the remodel. I'm sure when you use your brand new kitchen, it will all seem worth it. :)

Oh my goodness, I just spent this Sunday morning reading your whole blog!! I googled "pillowcase crochet edge" and up pop your tutorial. I LOVE all of your stuff. I have been reading Rose Hip blog for awhile wanting to make those pillowcases...now I can...Thanks so much. I am a follower now and can't wait to see more projects!

What a hard and tedious job! Hang in there, girl. Love your owls. I was just looking at one I made (after seeing yours a while back) and thought that I ought to make some more owls for my littles.


Love, Love, LOVE the owls! The embroidered bellies are just so perfect. Too cute. Any chance you'd add a link back to my tutorial on this post as well? I just know these guys are going to go viral (saw them on Pinterest). And I'd love to have you join my Flickr group as well. http://www.flickr.com/groups/1285644@N20/
Great job!

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