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April 14, 2011


You know, I was so excited to do these pillowcases that I even took one along on the airplane when I went to China recently. I was disappointed that it didn't take me the whole trip to finish it. lol But I wasn't fond of the base stitches. To me they look too big. So I actually used three strands of embroidery thread, doubled, to make my base stitches. It looks better, and is just as strong. Also, it is much easier to pull through the fabric.

OH, and I meant to say that it wasn't hard to find a matching color of embroidery thread!

Ha I totally understand that. Ive been sewing for over 2 years and I dont have anything for me. Well Ive decided that Im making a quilt for me this summer and now some of these pillowcases to match :) Lovely btw.

I WUV the posh -- I made three for Christmas, three recently as housewarming gifts, and crocheted the borders on a couple of thrifted pillowcases FOR ME!! And I just know more are in my future. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Whew! For a minute there, I thought you were going to be talking about the Spice Girls. ;-)

LUV those pillowcases. Which reminds me -- I have some fabric in the dungeon just waiting to become posh pillowcases....

{btw...did you get any pips yet???}

what sweet creations you make! And your girls are adorable...
Love, Maaike

Love these pillowcases. I will have to take a whirl and make some for my nieces...a few have birthdays coming up in the next month or so! Maybe even treat myself to a few? (so true that we do for others and don't always do for ourselves ` the crafters curse!) Great tutorial and lovely fabric/color choices! Thanks for sharing your time and talents :)

Just found your blog! Thank you for the lovely posh pillowcase tutorial. Once I get through the other projects on my sewing table that HAVE TO be done I'm going to treat myself to one of these pillowcases. Sew happy! :)

I am wondering how well these wash up in a machine. Could you tell us if you machine or hand-wash your edged pillowcases and maybe show a picture of one that is well worn?

Is it my imagination, or are you doing the hems on these narrower than the previously specified 3/8 inch? I had thought of cutting them back to 1/4 inch myself, so there would be less tendency for the edge to curl on lighter weight fabrics. At any rate, I'm with you; I love making these and finding homes for them!

I made my first posh pillowcase last Saturday---now I have the fever! I used a three-row crochet border from a book I bought, and I think it may be a little heavy for the fabric I used. This weekend, I'm going to make one with pink flamingos on a green background and pink crocheting. These would be cool with some embroidery, too. Now I want to branch out to finer threads and dishtowels. Thanks for the tutorial---I'm having allot of fun with it.

I'm glad to hear you're keeping some posh for yourselves. It seems most of the things I sew are gifts, but that's ok.


i did your pillowcase along last year and made some for my daughter! i'm going to make some for me too soon. cuz a girl can never have too many pillowcases!
they're beautiful cassie, i can't wait to see them all. your girls are going to love them!

Gorgeous! I love all the amazing fabrics you find. :)

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