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April 29, 2011


Cassie, I've made these balls before but I know I didn't cut them on the bias. Now that's smart, I say! Thanks for the tip. I hope Austen is playing with his new ball in no time.


Hey! Learned something today thanks to you! I didn't understand 'on the bias' and entered it in google; this(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bias_(textile)) is what I found, a very clear explanation I must say.
I want to wish little Austin the very best. He surely must be a fighter!

Adorable! I love the fabric you chose! :)

We had snow here less than 2 weeks ago, so im still waiting on spring, never mind Xmas! lol!

Thanks for sharing! This: "not something that approximates round but looks more like a giant kiwi" cracked me up because it's EXACTLY what my attempts always turned out looking like.

Best wishes to little Austen!

Thanks for the tip, I don't think I would have thought to cut fabrics on the bias, but that makes a lot of sense.

I was just wondering this morning where you have been! Very cute little ball. It's cuteness might allow me to forgive you for using the C-word!

Phew you scared me! Gorgeous Ball! xxx

i am sooo not ready for christmas!!! but i'm working on it...
love the jingle ball you made cassie, what a wonderful gift.
do you have a pattern for it?
you know me, always planning away for the unborn grandchildren!

Really Genius !
Why is it that those kind of lightbulb moments, for me, are so few and far between?
Good luck to little Austin.

Hi, just found your blog and it is really nice. I love your patchork ball! I made some in March, please check them out if you like.
I have a question though - do you have a tip on how to sew the pieces together so they end up all nicely sewn at the top - like your ball and not like my ball. Thanks

Cassie, I was just looking at Austin's ball and noticed the website tag. How cool you are! And Austin love's his ball :)

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