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March 09, 2011


So pretty <3

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Hi, Cassie: I totally agree--the Japanese books are a feast for the eyes. I am actually working on a quilt from a Yoko Saito book--it is written in Japanese--but the diagrams and pictures make it easy to construct without knowing the language! I am not so sure about the crochet directions!!! What about copying the text and running it through a web translator? Love your blog!

"cavity in my eye"... LOL

I LOVE these!!!!! I want to make some!! I'm going on an international flight soon. I think they allow crochet hooks!

The book is Gorgeous!!! I have it myself.
and, although i don't read Japanese, the illustrated instructions at the end can be easily understood. Enjoy!!

Looks like a sweet book! Hope you manage to figure it out. If we ever get some autumn weather I might consider buying it for some crochet inspiration.

Maybe Tanya could translate? google "Taniwa" to find her blog if you don't already know about it. (If you don't, you should!)I read your "about" page and I too can't cut some fabric because I'm sure I'll think of a more perfect project tomorrow! thanks for the inspiration on your blog.

The chart symbols are standardized, so once you learn them, you can read the Japanese crochet book charts without any problem. If you haven't tried chart reading before, here is a link that has the common symbols: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/chart_crochet.html

Best of luck! I love Japanese crochet books and I don't speak Japanese but I can use the charts, which is great!

P.S. I, too, have this book, so if you have a pattern you would like some help with, I'd be glad to try and assist you.

Happy hooking!

Holy. Cow.
You Rock Ms. Girl.
Seriously. I BURST out laughing when I read that you have a cavity in your eye.
You're Hysterical!
I love those Japanese craft books too -- I wish we had a store near us to I could fondle before buying -- I've bought without fondling before and been disappointed!

i've got several japanese crochet books, i don't speak japanese (nor even english, i'm french) but all japanese patterns have got diagrams, you do not need translation.
you just need to have some informations about crochet correpondence etc... that can be find easily on the web, here are a few links for example
she wrote a few great posts about japanese crochet
and a pdf

I have gone gaga over the Japanese books as well. If you have a good source, let me know. Carolina

Hi Cassie! I know I'm a little late for the pillowcase with crochet trim sew along, but I just wanted you to know that I'm doing it!!! :) I finally bought myself a couple hooks and some super soft cotton yarn and have taught myself the basics. I'm totally 'hooked'... yah, I know... I'm hilarious... Seriously though I was in stitches when I read about the cavity in your eye... I love your blog!!!!

Where do you get the book from?

Hi Cassie,

I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to say it's awesome - found your pencil roll tutorial and loved the pictures for each step - that's exactly what I need!

Oh, and I loved this post - that comment about a cavity in your eye! what a hoot!

My cavity's bigger than yours as it's my head [total brain disfunction]!
I love these Japanese books too but it does look like your 'problem's' partially solved because of the diagrams; the one's with garments in aren't so easy to decipher.
Glad to have found you via Tangled Happy. Will be back.

I love this book too and would love for someone to do a tutorial on it!

I run into this so many times - patterns either in Japanese, Dutch, Russian, etc. - and the patterns are GORGEOUS!!!!!! Not to say that we don't have crochet designers that turn out beautiful work, but I see so much tacky crochet! I yearn for these type of designs! I would give anything if some of our Japanese American speaking friends could interpret these patterns for us! Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful pattern book that I can only stare at and wish! LOL!

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