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March 23, 2011


Sounds like the best kind of hooky. I've never watched Abbey. It sounds like a good one...do I dare start watching? Not sure if I need another distraction!

OoooAh You are naughty But enjoy yourself The work can be done later It will be waiting there for you .Where did you get the Japanese book from I would like to get one.
Hugs Mary.

I *love* Downton Abbey!! The acting, of course, but also the clothing. There's a season 2 in the works =).

Isn't Downton Abbey the biz? I feel cool being a well spoken brit when I watch it and then hear people raving about it! I was given the dvd set at christmas when I was 7 months pregnant and saved it to watch during the long night feeds. My baby boy is 4 weeks old now and I sort of look forward to the night feeds as I know DA and the world of blog awaits me.

How are you getting on with the Japanese book? I want to get a few myself but I'm concerned I'll not understand the diagrams too, so I've not made a purchase yet.


Love the crochet and loved Downton Abbey......cannot wait for the next series!!!!!

Sometimes a little "hooky" time will motivate you to do the things you "should" be doing. I love Downton Abbey--can't wait for next season.

I sometimes need a little time to "create" which energizes me to do other things.....sometimes.

I'm going to get Downtown Abbey through Netflix. I *think* its an instant download.


Were you in my pocket today? Except for Downtown Abbey and the computer tech, I'm thinking we're living parallel lives. I've been doing a little hooky too, although I'm not getting very far.

I didn't know you were doing a kitchen redo too! We're not doing new cabinets -- I wish we were, but I can't manage to throw away perfectly good cabinets. We picked appliances today -- Yay! Now, if you could make a countertop decision for us, we could get on with it here!

Just discovered you today while searching for instructions of how to do crochet edging on pillowcases. Oh. My. Goodness. Love your blog! Downtown Abbey, another show I must see; I've adored Maggie Smith ever since she played Granny Wendy in "Hook".

Looking forward to keeping up with you!

I love the hat! Are you sharing the pattern?

Cassie- come over and see WHY I haven't been able to look in that book we talked about. Carolina

PS. my husband just figured out how I can see all the episodes I missed of Downtown Abbey. I probably will wanting to be making "downtown Abbey" dresses as soon as I see it.

Hooray for playing hooky! That is an adorable hat. I tried to make a similar one for my almost 2 year old last year, but I just couldn't get it to come out right. Did you use a pattern or are you a "fly by the seat of your pants" crocheter?

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