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February 11, 2011


You must be so proud!! What a wonderful experience for them - I am sure they will never forget their time in Haiti.

Thank you for this post.

I do believe they may have changed the destiny of the individuals lives that they touched. I am sure that their lives are changed forever as well. What a wonderful opportunity for them to be the hands and feet of Christ. Wow!

They made some little people very happy by giving them lots of love. They should be very proud of themselves.
Big Hugs To Them Mary.

look at that sweet baby look at your daughter...we are all part of one family. I wish this was what the world was about, all the time. Love and helping each other, nothing finer than that.

Wow, what an amazing experience! Hailey will remember this for the rest of her life. I have always wanted to do something like this, so I commend your family - very admirable.

What an incredible experience for your daughter.

...the mighty oak but starts from an acorn!

wow I got goosebumps looking at the pictures,,what a great dead your husband and daughter did,,they will remember this event in their lives as one precious moment..

Sorry that is suppose to be Deed not dead..

Hard work and loving deeply sows good seed.


Was destiny changed in eleven short days? ABSOLUTELY. For starters, Hailey's life will never be the same. Second, your husband and your daughter have one more solid layer to the bond between them. And third, when one is helped out by a complete stranger , we don't forget. We are more likely to turn around and help someone else because the seed of kindness has been firmly planted. The beautiful people of Haiti won't forget this. The seed has been planted. You never know whom you have touched and how the depth of your kindness has affected someone else. Perhaps a future leader of Haiti was in amongst one of the beautiful children that Hailey was able to help. Glorious.

What an amazing experience for your daughter.

Wow, what an amazing experience! This is excellent. I agree that it may not change the course of things but every little helps and people would have benefitted from this, lives would have been touched. I am all behind charity work, especially when you know what you are giving is doing what it is supposed to. Being there, hands on is one example. A very warming post, thank you.

how amazing! what a wonderful experience they will never forget.

What a beautiful post.. You should be sooo proud...

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