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February 26, 2011


I think they look very good. I don't mind the colour, but I do see what you mean - the boxed corners are a little oddly done? I have picked up bags in bulk from oriental trading company.

I think because you beautified these bags, nobody is going to even glimpse at the boxed bottoms. I think these bags are going to become keepsakes. I can just imagine you being on a trip many years later, and seeing one of your bags still in use. The coordinating rick rack is perfect with the playful animals. You did good, Cassie.

On another note- I haven't forgotten about our project. It is still incubating. Carolina

Those bags are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for the hot tip -- it's a good one to remember. I'm thinking that the solution was right on -- I'll go through my reader and open up several windows, and then comment on them. And sometimes, I get lost doing some linking jumping as I'm reading along. I'll have to remember to refresh in the future!

And WHAT! is that adorable flower I see down below here??? Somehow, google reader and I haven't seen eye to eye on that post -- must run and read it now!!!

Just discovered your blog while googling
crochet edged pillowslips!!
At the end of it you mentioned doing a blurb
on how to take out jeans, where can I find that??
I am a chocaholic so I do believe I
have found a new online hangout:)

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