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January 07, 2011


Absolutely bloomin' gorgeous! xxx

Adorable! Emily and her hat!

Wow, super-cute!! And your daughter is adorable. I want one. Did you use a pattern or just wing it? The flower makes it.

Oh Wow, what an awesome hat and a cute girl 'neath it. You did good AND that is the best mantra I've heard!

BEAUTIFUL hat!!! I crocheted an similar one for my daughter last winter but the 'fashionable thing' over here then was to have the flower in the same colour as the hat, the only difference really. She wore it all winter and then this winter... not at all anymore, everyone has a hat with those woolen braded things on both sides, like two tales, you know, those Scandinavianlike hats, with lovely figures knitted in it. We found one for only 5 euros. Good thing cause I wouldn't be able to knit her one of those I think, or could I have ;-) ??? I am looking forward to june because then the book 'knitting christmasbaubles' by arne and carlos (two Norwegian designers) is coming out in the US, yes, the US, not here in the much nearer Belgium, so I'll have to order it from there then. Couldn't order it in Norwegian cause I don't speak nor understand that language. But anyway, what I was trying to say, those baubles have those nice Scandinavian figures and I think it would be a good learning opportunity to knit those and have a christmastree full of knitted baubles next, no, THIS year!
Well, hope I didn't bore you with this LOOONG comment. Very inspiring hat, must be!

How adorable is that? I think the only thing cuter than that hat is Emily herself. She's a doll. Good job!

Pretty, Pretty hat on a Pretty, Pretty girl- and, a nice Mom!

That is one BEAUTIFUL hat and I love the colors. What a perfect gift for your darling daughter. Love it!!!

Tah-Dah is right! She looks beautiful in it. Had you not told us about the lack of crochet experience, I never would have guessed it. I say you throw $42 in a jar in your sewing room for future project stash refurbishment. Great job. Carolina

Wonderful results! The hat is darling, as is your daughter. And the colors are so flattering on her! I can't imagine that the original could have been any nicer.

You have outdone yourself Cassie - Emily's hat is amazing. The colours are perfect.

Love your new mantra - will have to remember that one! Best wishes for a fun and creative 2011.

The hat is darling, as is the girl wearing it!

Stunning, looks so professionally made, not any dorky home made things...stylish and awesome, she is adorable...can you share a pattern. So glad you didn't listen to those negative voices we all hear. You go girl!

Beautiful!!! Great job!

Gorgeous hat! You did an amazing job! It always makes it so worth it when they love what we make them. =)

Perfect! Who says you can 'only just crochet'?? That looks preety darn good to me! :) I'd love to be able to 'only just crochet' if this is what you can produce. It really suits her too. Just perfect! x

You go girl! I need to get busy on my crochet items for Etsy shop too. First a baby hat for new niece!!

Great job mom!

That is the coolest hat! I love it when you are inspired by something in the store and then go home to make it, especially better than the store version. You rock!

Love the hat, the colors and the cutie wearing it! Would love to know if you used a pattern, is it your pattern? , can you share the pattern?
Blessings! :)

What a lovely hat, well done! It really suits your daughter's colouring too! I love your blog too, keep up the good blogging :D see ya.

I've been away from reading Blog posts for a LONG time and decided for the new year that I'd start up again.

YOUR blog was the first one I read.

What a delightful story and beautiful hat
you made! So inspiring!

Thanks for sharing!

That is just too cute sweet Cassie. What lucky girls to have such a cool mom!

Fabulous! Love it when you take a leap and it works, congratulations.

i love it! if you kind of know how to crochet, how did you manage to do an awesome job!??!! do you have a tutorial??

Awesome hat!

It's wonderful! And your daughter is wonderful IN it! And YOU ROCK!
I like your new mantra. I'm going to try it.


Wonderful hat, wonderful girl, wonderful mama...

Cute hat! Did you use a pattern that you can share? I have a matching daughter that loves this kind of hat too! I have made several for her this winter, and also some headband types with a flower.

I am so trying to learn how to crochet! Not my thing but I am going to persevere! That is just too cute...and so is your daughter!

I just found your blog today. When my oldest (who is almost 21) was about 7 she was in a band called YGG (You Go Girl-or Youth Glorifying God, depending on the day). I also have a red head named Emily who looks to be about your daughter's age. Small world. You did a fabulous job on that hat! My daughter would love a hat like that too. I made her a headband like that with a big flower, but out here in California where it is mostly warm she doesn't often wear it.

love the hat... is there a tutorial in the works ;)

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