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January 30, 2011


You're killing me with all that cuteness!!! I LOVE it. Embroidery and patchwork -- the perfect marriage!

So pretty! I just love your work!

How I love your little doodles, do you have all four seasons? And can I buy them? So sweet!

Luv it, & yes I remember seeing it...your so clever

Pretty. At least you can rest your head upon your patchwork and get bombarded with creative ideas as you won't fit underneath it (unless you are one of those acrobatics that folds up like a Swiss army knife and can crawl into it, close the zip and disappear of course...). Love the small squares and the little bunny is adorable. Well done.

Very cute pillow. BUT ... more info on the magic zipper foot - please!!

Oh how I love what you did with your stitching doodle! It looks perfect framed is this adorable patchwork. And what a great way to preserve it all - on a pillow. Love it!

It's gorgeous, I love the colours!

Very cute!

I'd been waiting to see the rest of this gorgeous patchwork. Beautiful cushion I absolutely love it. Rachael Xx

This is more like it, Cassie. I really like the way you stitched "out of " the ditch. It gives it such a finished, cool look - each square looks better done that way. I also like how you placed the fabrics with the bigger flowers. My eye enjoys traveling around the pillow between them and the red fabric with white dots, the blue areas give my eyes a place to rest. All in all I give you an A+ despite the fact that the squirrels outside your window are probably wondering what they ever did to you to deserve having their quilt turned into a pillow. Nice work. Carolina

Your pillow is so delightful and full of cheer. I love the embroidery section also - it adds design and texture to the overall piece. Just beautiful!

I wondered whatever happened to that winter doodle. I love this pillow.


I'm in lust with that pillow! I was recently married and my wedding colours were aqua and red, my favourtie vintage colour combination! Thanks for the beautiful, uplifting post. Lisa

I am absolutely loving the stitcher doodle on this cushion! So lovely! I have always admired your sewing, going years back when I blogged as Dancin' Puffin. Well, my Mum is coming to stay in a few weekends and we're going to get my old sewing machine out and she's going to show me the ropes! :) One day I might be able to show what I've been up to through my new blog :) Here's hoping. In the meantime I'll keep admiring your fabulous things :) x

I love this one, especially the embroidery! Where is that from? I love that you did it on aqua too. So adorable. Hey, thanks for the Bernina tip too. I have a Bernina and have never used the magical zipper foot. What number is it???

what a great charity u have done..well done...=)

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