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December 03, 2010


Well, you may have viewed it as tedious, but it sure looks like a great project from here!

Yeah, but I'll bet you'd put a squirrel in a bag, wouldn't you???

You're too funny. If you'd jump into quilting with both feet, you'd love it. All it requires is a love of fabric, and by your fabric selections, you definitely qualify. (B and I could suck you right into our little vortex of blatant fabric acquisition.) If straight lines are boring, you just have to pick something else. Although, those straight lines are fab. Super, super fab.

And really. Whatever it is that's keeping you away from this lil' blog o' your'n -- you need to d.e.l.e.g.a.t.e. it. Pick a girl, any girl. Heckfire. YOU can even pick a triplet -- anyone else out here who can do that? I think not. Anyhoo...back to the delegating. Do it. You're terribly missed around here. TERRIBLY.

(Sorry for that little whine....it's obvi way past my bedtime!)

What a tease! I want to see the whole thing :)

Your work is luvly....and I like that you did the cat bag justification thing...My cat drinks water with her paw & luvs surfing a goat skin mat across the floor boards, not to mention that she has a sick liking for men!!!!

Adorable! Congrats on a great little finish - I want to see all of it! :)

It might only be 16 inches but it's beautiful. Can we have more pics please! I've never quilted but I'd love to try and seeing this makes me want to have a go now :)

OK ... so it is on the small side if it is a really cold night, but looking on the bright side ... it is is 16 square inches of PURE perfection! Carolina

I do love me some patchwork squares! I adore your doodle and how you framed it with these cute squares. I find the quilting to be kinda meditative myself. Can't wait to see what this is going to be!

Please, jump in with both feet!!! I'm trying to do the same and I would heart your quilts! This is so cute! And for trimming the squares, why not to bought a Go! machine? They say it becomes so funny to cut fabrics! Do you now this machinery?

I really love that wintry doodle you did and now amongst those squares, it's outstanding in its field! I like your little quilt.


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