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December 16, 2010


Wow! They are so cute. I can't wait to see more of them :)

OMG these are a scream! I want one ;0)

Hey Cassie: Where are you finding all the cute felt colors? I've been to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joanns and they only have the basic colors. Those are adorable!

I can hardly wait to see more!

Darling...Do Tute it!! I did some cute partially eaten gingerbread men out of felt that I saw on someone's blog. They were fun too.

Love the raccoon! And is that a squirrel next to it? Fabulous! I just might have to start making some more felt ornaments... These are the last ones I designed:


I hope you do write one! that raccoon is adorable!

Ooh I want them,I would luv to buy a pattern! Please let me know if you one.....They are the cutest little critters ever....well done
Cheers Nic

Cassie, Cassie! I just love these lil critters. You're doing such great things with felt. Please tute it!


They're darn cute -- I'll be watching for your tute.

I so LOVE you little felt critters - especially that raccoon - his facial expression is so sweet. Have a very merry Christmas.

My 6 yr old happened to be sitting w/ me, saw your cute ornaments (love them!) then got excited that the two of you share names :)

Oh, my, that raccoon is so freakin' adorable!!!

all i can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!
I would love to start making things with felt. my daughter in particular wants felt food. I guess that is a project for over the Christmas break.
I also have a question... I used to do some embroidery but it has been waaay tooo long since. do you have any suggestions for getting back on the embroidery wagon??? also how many strands to you use?

thanks for the sneak peak can't wait to see more.

Eeeeek! THOSE are adorable! Oh PLEASE -- give us the low-down!

Your little friends are so cute, especially the "bandit". In fact, I think he was at my house the other day and ran off with a belly full of cat food! lol

Cassie, the expression on that raccoon is priceless. Carolina

oh my word ... these are adorable. I especially love the glimpse of an owl I see in the back ... can't wait to see more! PLEASE do a tutorial ... i make christmas ornaments every year, and i've been looking for a good owl pattern! :o)))

Smitten for good reason--they're adorable!

Oh, Cassie! You are so creative!!! I love these! Please, oh pretty please, give us a tutorial! Like, really, you have nothing else to do...... right? Hahahaaa! I don't know how you do it all. I'm doing well just getting my kids to school on time and making a dinner before 9 o'clock. Really, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing these. I am inspired.

Oh please - do make a tute! I want to devote my entire life to making them (just not until after Christmas)!

Oh dear, I ADORE that little raccoon! I am loving felt ornaments as well : D

Sew very cool, my girls and I are working on felt ornaments right now. They would LOVE these!

Aw, these lil creatures are so darn adorable! I especially love that raccoon, but they all have the sweetest faces!

Pretty, pretty. I like. I just bought some Sylvanian Family members (you know those pretty animals for doll houses), a racoon family, for my Mom for Christmas. Yes, not for my daughter but for my Mom. Because I love them and she loves everything I love so because we both love everything tiny and cute soooo. A bit crazy maybe but hey. And when I see your pretty felt racoon I think of that little racoon family that will soon arrive as a surprise at my Moms. Cutie!

PLEASE Tute!!!! Thay are so stinking cute!!!

Yes, tute please! Love the raccoon. We hand raised some orphaned baby raccoons when I was a kid, and I'll never forget it.

Thanks for the "No Snit Binding" tutorial. I made throw-sized flannel quilts for my parents for Christmas, and used your instructions to bind them. Not a snit (or tear) anywhere!

The racoon is absolutely darling!!!

those are adorable! I love woodland animals and will be watching & hoping for a tute! Merry Christmas!!

Hi, Cassie! I finished my runner with your Chanel crochet (your georgeous tutorial). If you want... come to see it! http://ilblogdipepe.blogspot.com/2010/12/runner-con-infiorescenze-bordo-in.html
P.S. Thank you. You made me discover crochet...

fun? No, we would have FUN!!!!!
Our homes would be a mess and our children unfed, our sewing machines hot to the touch, if we lived next to each other. I can't believe you got a ... (is it a secret?) ... yes we can figure this thing out together. Can't wait. Carolina

Surfed on in and LOVE the SQUARES patchwork, the dif. shapes with the embroidered square is wonderful, are there more embroidered squares? Will you be featuring a photo of the finished project? :}}

Oh yes please do! They look so cute and I would love to make one. Or perhaps all? Wishing you a very happy New Year and thanks for this wonderful inspiring blog. Greetings from Germany

Hey Cassie! I love these little critters, they are so much fun. I am back to blogland and have enjoyed reading through the last year or so of your blog. I have a new blog myself and hope to be back on the blogging scene for good :) See you around.


Hello? Is Paulina there?

how adorable!! i love the little raccoon!!

These are absolutely, amazingly, adorable! Don't forget you promised to do a tutorial on them. Love your blog... I have been back months and months tonight hunting for your pillow instructions and crocheted edges. I had a letter written to you and then figured out how to find them and it worked. I am going to be your newest follower! Thank you!

These are adorable. Do you sell these? Please email me at laurelbeard at comcast dot net if you do! Very interested.

These are darling! For some reason I wasn't getting the updated feed to your blog in my reader and just recently rediscovered it. Yay! I'm gong to do some catching up...you've sure got the hand for embroidery. :)

Please do a tutorial! Those are so adorable!

Seriously, those are awesome! Getting ready to check the rest of your blog out! Thanks for being awesome!!

Too cute! I would love to see patterns please!

Remember saying this: "I promise I will show more of these felt friends later. I might even write a tute. I love them that much."
I LOVE them so much too! We are somewhat crafty-challenged, so a tutorial would help so, so much! And, do you have triplets?? So do I! Mine are 10years old! :)

I'm not very blog savvy and can't locate a pattern anywhere for these adorable ornaments. Do you have a pattern or tutorial that I could access? I was going to make them for my daughter's 8th birthday which is coming up on 12/17 and hand them out in the gift bags for a keepsake for Christmas. I am not very crafty though and needless to say, I can't do justice to what you have there and was hoping for help. Thanks.

Hi, did you ever post details about the raccoon ?? He is gorgeous. I intend making some of your felt creatures with my daughter

I would LOVE a raccoon tutorial or pattern!

Do you have a Tute for the racoon and the other critters????
Hope you have

Love them how do you make them?

I just made the squirel from your pattern. It turned out so cute. I want the rest of the patterns. I stuffed mine a little bit. Please make a pattern of the other critters. So many people want to make these. Please tute.

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