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November 01, 2010


Glad you hear you are keeping busy!!! Love the daisy pin cushion - it is very sweet.

I love the pincushion!

That is TOO funny! I wish I could be locked in my sewing room, even for two days!! The pincushion is lovely and I am glad that I am not the only one who disappears for periods of time because my LIFE is happening!

That is hilarious! Ha ha ha! Thanks for your reply Cassie. It is good to know we are many in the same boat, a river boat that is. Sometimes someone falls in and it takes some time to pull you up from there back into the boat. And that is what makes it fun, right. How boring it would be to be safe on land just watching everyone else battle with the currents and wild stream. We need some excitement and to loose control at times. That is the spice in life. You go girl (ah, and that IS the name of your blog. So spot on. And deadly cute pin cushion. Well done.

Your pin cushion is beeeeoootiful! I love it! Amanda xxx

Oh my goodness! I love that little pin cushion. How creative.

what an adorable pin cushion! I love it! Life sounds very busy, so I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the journey.

Great pincushion! I know how you feel. Sometimes life just takes over. I have a feeling that's coming up for me!

I love the pincushion. Did you make it up or is there a place to get the pattern. My daughter would love it.

I am happy for you. I have been feeling down a bit lately and overwhelmed by life but decided today to just take it one item at a time and work till it is all done. You sound so in control and calm it gives me hope. Love the pin cushion. Is there a tutorial?

Love your daisy pin cushion :) I have just recently found your blog, and love it, so I have added it to my blogroll on my site :) xxx

You Go Girl !!!!
That pin cushion is to DIE for. Well worth sequestering yourself in the studio - you should do it again. Carolina

very beautiful little pincushion.

That pin cushion is precious.

Adorable pincushion!

Holy Smokers that pin cushion is pretty!!

LOVE the pincusion~ uber sweet and cute! Details, please ~ pattern? And those adorable pins??? Details on them, too!! (like, where on earth did you find them??!)

I'm aching to make that pincushion~~~

What is the base of the pin cushion? ie, what is inside?

one more person asking gor the pattern to this lovely pin cushion.


I'd like the pattern.

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