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October 18, 2010


I get the same way and the only solution is for me to make a list. I'm a chronic list-maker anyhow, so this seems to be a natural remedy. I may not follow the list (I rarely do) but somehow I feel more in control. Good luck! I hope you make something already!

Hi Just found your blog and wanted to say I know just how you feel. I like that term Creative schizophrenia and it is something I too have. But once I get going-look out I will sew anything together.

OH my gosh, I have so felt like this lately. So many projects running through my head that sometimes I want to yell stop to the voices! LOL And yet, nothing gets done, because I don't know what to finish first. Yeah, I gotta finish stuff before I can start more stuff LOL

YES. There is not enough time to do all the things I want to do in my life. And yet...I waste time playing Spider Solitaire instead of sewing something I really want to sew. What's up with that? Maybe it is because the creative thought hasn't been well thought out and I am buying time? Or I am just useless! Sheesh is right. I hope you got over the hump today!

Oh, I know the feeling. Sometimes I have to go take a class or something to get out of a funk like that. I have to go somewhere with a purpose to make something and not be in my craft room where I have all the distractions! Good luck. (BTW, I am totally in love with those pins in your photo. Where did you get them?!)

I totally get that. I was thinking I have Adult ADD. However I think it is a trait many creative people have. Glad to hear I am not the only one.

Oh my goodness! I'm not the only one! Only I won't vacuum to avoid craft stuff. I usually go read blogs...and come up with ten more ideas of things I want to do.

yay, she's back! love your latest doodle. The little voice in my head does that to me too. I allow it to go on for maybe a day. Then I write it all down and just pick one thing to start. Good luck to you!

This creative ADD is probably to blame for all the UFO's in my life. I actually START to make something, but getting to the finish line is another matter. You're on the right track though - lock yourself in your stpace with a bunch of materials and don't come out until ??? Good luck and let us all see what results.

Oh how funny...today I also found myself cooking just to avoid my craft "to do" list! Of course, my husband totally appreciated the much more elaborate than usual dinner so it wasn't all bad. Thanks for sharing...it's encouraging to hear I'm in good company in this craft overload/avoidance thing!

Story of my life.


Oh thank God you posted this!!! I have this!! Only I was blaming the ADHD!! Crafting Schizophrenia it is...I'll go with that! 72 projects on the go and 95 bouncing around in my head! (which by the way I can't get out of blog land so I am never getting anything done!) And I have to agree, those pins are SO very neat....do you know where you got them? (are you sharing that info!?)

I think you described a lot of us out here in Creation world! :)

Good for you! Can't wait to see what you come out of your sewing room with. I feel the creative schizophrenia so often! Especially now that Christmas is around the corner!

I know exactly how you feel as I am going through the same thing right now. I find it helps if I have a big tidy up and then go out and do something different. In fact I'm going to that right now as I've been collecting bits to make a felt picture but putting it off as I have so many ideas I can't decide which one to do first. Whatever you do next it will be gorgeous!

I have a lot of ideas stirring and swirling in my head too and yet it's so nice here, I choose to be outdoors. It'll happen. It will. Make a pumpkin blizzard and get pumped up!


I have this exact malady! Multicraftiness can be both a blessing and a curse, right? "Should I paint now? Glue this? Sew something? I feel like knitting! Ooh, cute pillow..." Yup, that's me, too. :)

I have the same thing--it's just been undiagnosed all this time!! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one. Sometimes when I can't get something started, I *gasp* fold the laundry. It's a terrible, terrible thing!

Ooooh. I've been there. I am there. I am dreaming, sketching, squibbling, surfing, drooling, and trying to channel all my ideas. The brain seem to be like a fountain spraying ideas all over the place. Not nicely straight up to leave a beautiful rain of ideas, more like a crazy spray obsticle course where the water sprays from everywhere. I am not sure what to do about it. Is there any specialized therapeut out there to help us creative mad people with creativity overload. I've never really been like this before. Maybe it comes with age... Today I am cutting some squares from my new vintage stash. That is a fact and the least I could do after staring at it for 2 weeks being completely ambivalent about how to deal with it. Creative intimidation?

I totally know what you're talking about!! Though, I can't say I vacuum instead... lol. At least you're achieving something! I'm more likely to throw on a DVD or go visiting ;)

I was only saying today that I admire those crafters who can start one thing and plug away at it until it's done. I'm not one of them. Thank you for the diagnosis, I know what I have now - if only we knew the cure.

Hahaha -- you're SOOO funny! Doesn't that little voice in your head drive you crazy? Mine is the worst when the seasons change or when a holiday/birthday looms -- like NOW!!! Good Luck -- I hope you made something fantastic!

Oh, My, Goodness!! You have summed up how I am feeling totally! Sometimes I feel like a little monkey - distracted by the next "shiny (new)" thing and then it's hard to go back and finish. The list here in this house is completely endless :o)

I hear you. I've been running up and down the stairs all day trying to settle into a project, but my mind is occupied everywhere else. Sigh! I think some chocolate would help right about now...

Okay so you posted this on October 18th and now it is October 26 does that mean you went into your room and haven't made anything yet so you can't come out?

I say this same thing to myself a lot and then something always happens to keep me from sewing or whatever it is that I really want to do. But I press on and I am making some progress. Hope all is well and we hear from you soon.

....LOL.....I didn't know creative schizophrenics could read minds....this is soooooo my mail you have just read...today I left my 'sewing haven' and ended up cleaning out the toothpick holder.........

I feel that way all the time. I can't focus, so I leave the sewing/craft room to fold laundry (ahem, read a book). I guess I need to finish SOMETHING. Your stuff is beautiful.

I truly think we were twins separated at birth. Yes, I have those same type of thoughts. I have four kids and their friends are always over as well, so when I do get five minutes alone, all to myself... I spend most of it trying to decide what to do. Exhausting. And, I too have left fabric sit in my stash for what seems like forever, because what if, just what if - I could do something else, something far better suited for this fabric?! Oh the possibilities! Sigh... Glad to have found your sweet blog. You create many fabulous things!

A diagnose finally!! I am doing that exact thing right now! I've got a bunch of projects cut out ready to sew, paint, make & do! but instead i'm on here looking for new ideas? what is with that? i definitely procraftinate!! i'm excited about my project, i want to do it, i can do it, and thanks to you i will do it (well something anyway) RIGHT NOW!
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