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September 28, 2010


{Very Big Sigh} It looks so BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!! Loooove the Green. Glad you and Jezebel made up -- she has amazing potential for a girl like you!

Your studio is GORGEOUS!!! My husband built me a whole room with desk, cutting table and shelves for my scrapping and sewing - will you PLEASE come over and help me make it as cute as yours;) LOVELY!!!

Wow u had her For 15+ years! Ive been dying to get a serger. My grandma has offered me hers that she never uses however I have to wait a little while apparently she won't part with it until she has departed. Don't like the idea of her departing at all.

Love the shelves and just how pretty your studio is! My corner of the garage is plain drywall and some studs and wires hanging loose. *sigh* someday!

Will you just look at how cute that little corner is all painted and dolled up?! Very sassy. I like your name for your serger. I should name mine that. We have a similar relationship, but haven't quite come to the understanding you and Jezebel have. I think I need some lessons or something so I can learn to understand my Jezebel better.

Your shelves are beautiful. Here's wishing you and Jezzy many happy hours together.

love your sewing room... What a great space.

Nice fairytale. I should name my first sewing machine something cute too. When I got her for my b-day last year I was delighted but something didn't work out between us. I just stared at her, she just stared at me and no one dared to make a move. So I put her in my closet, just to stop her from eyeballing me and stressing me to say "What?!!". I fell in love with the hook instead... But I got hurt and now the hook is on long term vacation and I turned for her, the sewing machine, to heal my crafty spirit that no longer couldn't hang out with the hook. And now we are best buddies. Her and me. Unseperable. Bestest friends ever. Yes, I should really give her a nice name. Cute work space you've got there... And Jezzie looks great for her age. Ciao!

Please tell me it's not that tidy in normal life?? I'm feeling inadequate. Looks absolutely gorgeous...I must go and tidy up! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Jezebel sounds like such an ominous name in a scary ghostbusters way! Yet your serger looks beautiful! I have always wanted one, it makes me happy to see you have become friends, and she has moved up to a more endearing nickname and a prettier living space than the basement.

Welcome Jezebel to your new home LOL!

Your workspace is so beautiful that I can hardly stand it! I've worked on my space lately, but all I've accomplished is getting it relatively uncluttered with other "stuff," and throwing my fabric into cardboard boxes. It has a LONG way to go.

Your sewing room looks very inviting. As for sergers....I love mine, but I frequently wonder how my mom and her contemporaries ever managed to sew so beautifully without one :)


Cassie & Jezebel sitting in the studio, you see
First comes threading
Then comes tension
then comes all those pretty fabrics making an ascension

It is a little lame, Cassie, but it is the best I could do at this hour (waaay past my bedtime). I enjoyed your post. Carolina

Oooooh that shelf!!!! It's so cute!! I'm glad Jezebel forced you to get a new shelf because she's already made a difference just by sitting there! I hope you have lots of fun with her. Sergers make sewing knits a breeze (so quick and easy).

So glad you are reacquainted and on friendly terms with your serger. I love my serger and it's a Juki, nearly identical to yours...

LOVE it! Do you mind sharing the name of that paint color??? LOVE, LOVE the color! Thanks! :)

Love your studio, Cassie. I love everything you do! Happy sewing with Jezzie.


I love the look of this area, the colours are great; you inspire me to sort out my area and to make it look pretty too. Thanks

In Australia they're called overlockers not sergers...my overlocker and I have had a LOT of 'artistic differences' over the time I've been trying to re new our friendship. Sometimes we have a lovely time together. Other times it risks exiting the house via the window! Maybe I need to twiddle those dials a little bit more!

cute story cassie! i'm sew glad you and jezzie are friends now. ;)

i love your new little corner!! much cuter than mine!

Very nice! So cheery!

I love that you painted your wall shelf pink.. looks soo cute.. Mine is still white, wow what a difference paint makes..Thanks for sharing your room. Beautiful

You did a fabulous job!! I love your craft room!

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