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September 16, 2010


Posts showing in reader now :-) That wee dress is so cute !!

Oh, such beautiful work! Your stitching is sooo neat! Please tell me this is some clever blanket stitching machine? Lots of love, Amanda xxxx

Eeeek! That's SOOOO stinking Cute!!! I want one! Would it be wrong for a grown (over-grown?) woman to walk around in a little red riding hood smock??? Too, too cute Ms. Cassie!!!

Your work is amazing. Always. I love to see what you do. It is just perfect. That dress is lovely.

That little mushroom patch is to die for. I loved the whole thing. Aren't babies fun to sew for? Carolina

Oh you crack me up!!! The outfit is adorable. I just love your work. I too crave food all of the time. I am not dieting per say. Just changing how I eat. NO CARBS for me. I wish you the best on the last five pounds. I know that you can do it, you are so very close.

I am SO in love with your blog, I'm going to DIE!!! There is nothing but EYE CANDY ON HERE!!! {{ I think my cornea just got a cavity! }} Seriously - love it - it makes me laugh and I love looking at all of your amazing projects! Thanks for sharing!

seriously cute little outfit!!!! i'm so happy! ;) Will you put it in my flickr group!? Please!! :)

What great girlie clothes. Makes me want to get in my workshop and start sewing.

Go ahead and have a big eat once you've lost those 5 pounds. They say that the last 5 are the hardest to lose.


I absolutely love this sweet little outfit!

There's an award for youon my blog, Cassie!

(no pressure to follow through with the "blog award rules"...I just love what you do and wanted to let you know thatI appreciate your work!)
Hopefully some new happy blog hopefuls will come your way. :-)

check it out :-) http://happyhomemakerme.blogspot.com/2010/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html

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