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August 02, 2010


Our good friends just moved to Oregon and I am a little envious of this cold weather you speak of since it's been 104 degrees here plus humidity. I just love those pillowcases and am desperately wishing for time to make one. :)

I really had a good laugh at your story. When my son was about 10, my husband took him to his first "ox roast" which was designed to be a bonding event for the men of our church. We carefully packed his clothes and I have him strict instruction on how to behave so he would fit in with the other men. When they returned three days later I noticed he was wearing the same clothes as the day he left. He was very excited to report that the experience was awesome! He did not have to shower and he even slept in the same clothes each night just like the other men! Go figure! He did fit in with the other men! LOL! Our son has since grown up and is now a father himself, but we still have a good laugh about this experience. I'm sure your girls will never forget this vacation and it will be a memory to share for many years to come. (Love the pillowcases btw...I really need to try to make some.)

Awww. Sorry about the icky weather. I'll bet you did find some fun though. We have friends that used to have a beach house in Newport -- just down the beach from the beautiful lighthouse. Our best ever beach trip was spent there one week when the boys were little. My friend had the brilliant idea to salt the beach near the tide pools and we had so much fun watching two little boys beside themselves with joy, finding all of those pretty shells.

Your pillowcases are beautiful, as always!!!

Glad to hear about the fun you had despite the unseasonable weather! And yes, less laundry, a silver lining if ever there was one. And pillowcases heaven!!!!!!! I'm so glad you can crochet while traveling! Yippee, hooray, lovely glimpse of pillowcases!

Such a pretty pile of posh! I especially love that white crochet edging! Sounds like you guys did a great job making the best of your trip in spite of the cold weather. Welcome home!

I can't imagine it being so cold. Just yesterday I was cutting plywood outside for a new studio desk and by the time I was done I was so hot I looked like I had just fallen in the lake all dressed. Today, Tennessee is expecting to see 100°. Needless to say, I will jump into the lake first. The pillowcases look gorgeous! Carolina

The pile of your pillows inspired me to make one for myself, I followed your tutorials. I made the whole thing in under 3 hours last night which was a bonus for me. I just love it have to make one for my daughter and few friends, thanks for a great blog.
Sylvia F:)

Do you first have the pillowcases hemstitched? I'm curious how you crochet without hemstitching. Is there a secret I don't know about?

You'd think by now somebody could *control* the weather for your trip! At least you got the posh pile done.


I was on the Oregon coast also with my family for a weeklong camping trip to Beachside the last week in July! Yup, my fingers were frozen fish sticks too! Gal's she is not lying...it was cold and misting the whole time. I think the sun only broke through once that week!

I'm so glad to be back home in Central Oregon where its warm and sunny (well a bit smokey with the fire brewing by Sisters, Oregon!) Pattiann

Thanks ever so much for sharing your Posh Pillowcase pattern. I have just made a pair of pillowcases to match the quilt I will be giving my daughter for her 12th Birthday on Friday (there's a post on my blog, and I have linked to you).
Take Care

Thanks for joining my link party :)

I have seen your crochet edgings before... and been doing just that silent lurking without leaving any traces.. shame on me!
They are gorgeous!

And - I love your wallets. You use such lovely fabrics, they are all treasures :)

Wish you a great crafty weekend!

posh pillows .... they look so gorgeous.

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