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June 29, 2010


Your pillowcase is so pretty. I could lay my sleepy head on one of those right about now. Have fun tonight with the girlies!!!

Love all the goodies in your shop! Must feel good to have such a productive streak. OMG, that sleepover sounds so fun!

Good luck with the sleepover party!! Have fun!

I just made another pillowcase this week. I sure LOVE that pattern.

Hope you get some sleep tonight. That many giggling girls makes for a sleepless night!
You're a super mom for putting the event on.

Beautiful pillowcase...gorgeous! Sleepover sounds fab! I so, so wish my little garden could accommodate a shed, but sadly it would fill it! Are you allowed to join the girlies, or is it strictly 12 year olds? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Hello Cassie,

Came across your blog today and I spent my entire afternoon browsing through your lovely posts. I love your fabric choices and fell head over heels in love with your simple but tooooo lovely embroidery designs. I loved the small flowers and bugs and vines.

Hope to see more of you again, everyday.


Did you make one of those beautiful pillow cases for all six of the girls at the sleep over?

That pillowcase is just too beautiful! Your sleepover sounds like so much fun, but really.... you're putting the rest of us to shame. I just send them down to the boring old basement. LOL

I LOVE that pillow case. I have some AnnaMaria fabric sitting on my sewing table (for 2 months now) waiting to be made into one like it!, using your great instructions. Tell me, do you have a printable version of the tutorials, or do I just read it online as I sew? Thanks!

awww, they are going to have so much fun!! sounds sweet!!
I am gonna make me some of those gorgeous pillowcases SOON!!

Did you make them all a pillowcase LOL??? When I was at NQA a few weeks ago, I purchased the fabric that you made your original pillowcases from, so that I could have some cool YouGoGirl pillowcases too! ;-)

Sounds like fun. I don't know why you say you hate taking pictures. You are very good at it!

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