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May 26, 2010


pink lady apples are my favourite!!! because they are SO SWEET!
You must try another. It must not have been ripe!
your apple looks beautiful!

Hi! Over here in England the Pink Lady apple is sweet and yummy and everything you expected of your apple, if it were popssible I'd post one over to you. My boys love them.
I have been following your blog for a while and now I have my own blog I will certainly be putting you in my sidebar. I had to go back to the start and read your whole blog, does that sound obssessive?!!
I think your embroidery doodles are fanflippintastic. I hope one day I'll have come up with something so creative and individual. I'm great at copying but I'm no good at making stuff up myself. I have made a couple of these apples too but yours are infinately more covtable than mine!

I love this post.

Are you sure the apple was ripe?? because when I lived out west I used to buy pink lady apples all the time and they are the most deliciously sweet apple. they have a very unique flavor but they are sweet.
And I do love your pink lady apple.
you should give pink lady apples another try. hehe

LOL the cranky Lady Apple... now that is funny!

OH NO! You must have gotten a "bad apple"! :) Those are my favs...and I think they have the perfect balance of sweet and tart! Cute apple though...love it!

Maybe somebody changed the sticker on the apple - we love pink lady apples, however none of them can compare to the one you made. I am so impressed with the actual apple shape, mine would look more like a tomato. How on earth did you make that stem look so real? Great job.

I love your pink apple! Very sweet. I was just writing about you on my blog... and saw your new post:)

Your pink lady looks great...I have that pattern...will have to make one now.

That is super cute. I could see a bowl full of those!

I am not crazy about the cranky lady either :) You must try a Honeycrisp. The absolute perfect blend of sweet and tart, crisp, juicy...oh my! My mouth is watering!!

Your pink lady is lovely!!

Pink Ladies are my favourite apple! Truly! I love 'em. Prior to Pink Ladies coming onto the market it was Granny Smiths or Lady Williams, so Pink Ladies are just perfect for me. Your Pink Lady is perfect for everyone. Kim :)

I had the same feeling! I though it would be really good since it had such a name but I really don't like it :(
Your apple is so cute!

Ha! I don't like them either. Honeycrisp is my fave. And pinata apples too, sweet and crisp and juicy!

Cute patchy apple!

Very pretty! I think I like your version of Pink Lady so much better than the real Pink Lady. :) I tried Pink Lady's once! That was more than enough for me!

Your pink lady apple looks precious and sweet. You're so creative.

Just love this photo, it would be pretty made into a card! Have a great day!

I've never had a pink lady, but thanks for the warning. I'm not a big fan of tart either. LOVE your pretty pink lady!

When will you have more crochet-edged pillowcase for sale on your Etsy shop? Would love to purchase some. Thanks.

My favorite apple! We get them at our local farmer's market.

Totally! I've only had Tarty ones too!

she's sitting on my desk... i adore her.
thank so much cassie.
and btw, i LOVE pink lady apples. they are juicy, tart, crunchy and sweet - all at the same time.

Question. What do you do to the leaves of your apple to pucker them in the middle? Iron? I am making my kid's teacher's apples for the end of school. Thanks!
PS I am with you on the Pink Lady apples. Mine was tart too but still good.

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