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April 30, 2010


I can't wait to see what you'll do with this! Just think what you'd do if you had some of that coffee-that-you-don't-drink!

I just went and checked and I don't think I have that one. Shoot!

Have fun!

Is that a universal foot for any machine or just for Berninas?

Wow, with 5 girls, I'm thinking you have a LOT of ruffling to catch up on. I need to check and see if Viking has any of those feet!

Don't you just love it when you find a little magic. You make me want to make ruffles. I'm still in the middle of a huge batch of "Posh Pillowcases". It's an addiction...I'm pretty sure. And it's contagious...I have 3 friends that are quickly becoming addicted also. ;-)

How fun! I would love to have one for my machine - can't wait to see what you put ruffles on!!


i'm cutting 6" strips to make ruffles around an entire quilt right now. 4 yards of fabric, turned into 8 miles of ruffles.
please move next door. i'll pack your kids' lunches while you make my ruffles!!

THREE YEARS!! I'm jealous! I need to get me one of those. =) I'm glad you found it and look forward to seeing what ruffly things you create!

How Fabulous...Love the Frills..the Mind Bobbles..

How fun. I'll have to see if I can get one of those feet for my machine. I'm fairly certain I don't have one. I'll go check...

Two words: Thank You!

I think I need a magic foot - I am positively swooning over your ruffles. Sure beats trying to gather them by hand.

This makes me want to go find out if I have one!!

how exciting and the ruffles look oh so cute! can't wait to see what you ruffle up!

Magic indeed!!! I need one of those feet asap! I've been dreaming of such a thing... you've answered my dreams! :) Thank you.

What a find! What a find!
I'm looking forward to your ruffly creations.


Such cute ruffles! Makes me want to buy a machine! That blue Sandi Henderson fabric is one of my favorites. You go girl!

YUM!!! So I gathered (pun NOT intended, I promise) from the comments you have a Bernina. I have a Babylock PLEASE tell me they have a foot like that!! I need, need, NEED one!

The possibilities are endless. Now I have to go look for my gathering foot1

I have a Husqvarna (?) machine. Does the magic foot fit my machine, too?

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