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April 07, 2010


Cutest ipod covers ever! What an exciting gift.

Oh those lucky ducks....I mean girls! Cute, cute iPod covers!


What an awesome score for your girls! A double score with these adorable felt pouches. They will continue to love their iPods for years, speaking from personal experience, although they might want to upgrade at some point. hehehe

Those are as cute as those girls are!!

Very fun, and such cute covers.

What sweet covers! The perfect gift for your girls.

HAHAHA!!! I'll bet it was a madhouse at your place! Loved your write-up -- ahhhh, the things we do for screams of adoration from the children, heh???

What adorable covers you made for them. And, oh my, having that many birthdays at once would indeed make one's credit card shriek in agony. But you're right, it's once a year and time is fleeting, so I say go for it! I'm sure they're absolutely thrilled with their gifts and the love you give them.

Lovely gifts for lovely daughters.

Oh my goodness! They're darling. Can I be one of your children?

how fun cassie.
i know i'm older than you, but will you be my mom, cuz... well, mine sucks.
love those cases, and the contents aren't half bad either! they must've been SOOOO happy

Those covers are soooo cute!
I don't know how you do it. My kids birthdays bring me to my knees. I can't imagine four so close together. I would still be hiding under my pillow. Glad those beautiful girls have you for a mom.

wow, lucky girls! Hope they had an awesome birthday. xxx

Lucky girls! I love the covers you made, the flowers on them are adorable!

Those covers are so cute! Lucky Girls! My discover card so knows your pain as we also have triplets that got apple goodies at Christmas! Yes, it is so worth it! Thanks for sharing for sharing all your talents.

What wonderful parents you are :) Your daughters must've been thrilled!
OMGosh...I feel for you when the college years come around!
Smiles, DianeM :)

I love the ipod covers....they make me want to make myself one. By the way, I LOVE my Ipod touch...wouldn't part with it for anything.

These are so cute! Not just for my teenage granddaughters but for myself too.

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