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April 02, 2010


Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter and that your girls have happy birthdays!

Cute bags! Love that first bag especially, so sweet!

Wow, that is a crazy week. Have lots of fun. Your bags are really cute, great job.

Adorable girls and cool bags!!!

The girls are darling and so are the bags! Have a wonderful Easter!

Holy Cow! FOUR birthdays in one week + Easter -- that would definitely put me over the edge! LOVE the bags -- beautiful as usual. And Happy, Happy Birthday to the girls -- and to YOU for birthing them!!!

You are never too old for bumpers. If your kids make you bowl at least a few times a year you can buy your own shoes on the internet cheap. (I think we pay $3 to rent shoes, so we just bought some for $15.) Totally worth doing.

Your Girls Are Beautifull A very Happy Happy Happy Birthday To Them all.
Hugs Mary.

Hope your daughters all have amazing birthdays! Love your new bags - I would have a hard time choosing between those two! Good luck with the bowling - it is like riding a bike. Have a super fun Easter break.

My fam would have loved the Rock and Worship Roadshow!!! Me....I'd tolerate it and enjoy the coffee-that-you-don't-drink!!! We have a festival in Minnesota called Sonshine every summer. It's a family event!!!

Wow! You are a busy lady!! The bags are beautiful you did a great job. =)

Tell your daughters Happy Birthday from me! =)

bEEEEEYOOUUUUtiful girls!!

Oh my word, all this and you can still find time to sew! Aren't we women wonderful?! Your concert sounds like the one I took my 15 yr. old daughter to last week here in Michigan. It was called "Winter Jam" and had Newsboys, Third Day and a bunch of other bands I hadn't heard of. Fun, but loud! :) Have a blessed Easter!

I love the dragonfly bag.

Yowza, four birthdays so close together!! Fun, but hectic :).

"let's not borrow crazy from tomorrow" -- totally cracked me up!

We don't bowl often, but love it when we do go. I'm a terrible bowler, but bought my own ball a dozen or so years ago and love having it. I've never thought about buying my own shoes; I like that idea - thanks, Sarah!

Love your site! I have 12-year-old triplets -- one boy and two girls... And a 3-year-old little boy... :o) Come visit if you have a minute!

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