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March 08, 2010


Can't wait to get to my sewing machine. Thanks for the great directions. The week is going to be long. I am anxious to get to the trimming.

OMG! These are awesome. I stumbled on your blog this morning and perused the whole thing. I will be making these pillowcases for sure. I'm going to stop at the bookstore on the way home and get a copy of Crochet Adornments. Thanks.

Most excellent Ms. Girl! I've never made a post pillowcase before, but now I'm rarin' to go! Thanks for the fab instructions!!!

What a fantastic tutorial! Thank you! I love this pattern...all seam ends are hidden! Excellent. I can't wait for the rest of the instructions!

O.k. I have been working on "how we are going to make the pillowcase" all week, and now I know! This is an awesome tutorial, great pictures, wonderful captions, excellent recognition of the need for chocolate! So it is "hi ho, hi ho, off to my sewing room I go.
Thanks so much

I just found your blog...linked from another wonderful blog :-)

I will be making the pillowcase and then I think you will be adding a crochet edge.

Going to the next post...


Hurrah! Got two pillowcases done this morning and can't wait for next week's lesson. Instructions were perfect! My girls and I are all loving this tutorial --

Pillowcase done. Daughter giving it a test drive. She approves. So much fun!!! Excellent tutorial!! Easy to follow. Can't wait until the next step. You're great! Thanks.

Can you give us a hint on how we will be making the holes to crochet in? I've been asking shop owners/workers how they would do it and I wanna know how you do it. pleeeeeze, pretty please...Robin

Very pretty fabric. Okay--I'm off to wash my stash. of fabric. Stash kinda sounds like moustache and that's a whole, different image.

I am starting now - I love the look of these beautiful pillowcases, and it is many years since I have crochet ... but I am sure I will remember how (fingers crossed). Going to my fabric stash right now ...
Thank you for a great tutorial

oh goodness, i love this pillowcase! i want to make one, but i know i won't have time anytime in the near or fairly far future....:(

oh well, i'll stare at yours!

now, i can definitely eat the chocolates though.....DEF!! and way more than 2 1/2!!! heeheeehe. :)

That is just the coolest pillow case ever! Your instructions were perfect!

Pretty sure this is my new favorite pillow case pattern! Just made a set from a fun floral fabric and they are just so cute even without the crochet edging. I am so looking forward to Monday! Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions!

I love this pillow! Your blog is fantastic, and I especially enjoy the parts about being told when to eat chocolate.... although I barely ever need someone to remind me!

Love how you rate your project according to the chocolate level - you and I are on the same page!! Your pillowcase looks so sweet - I was going to resist your sweet project but I can see I need to add it to my list!

"It must be the way bed linens are meant to be, at least the ones that cost too much to drool on while napping. You know, the posh ones."

LOL I love it! I love following your tutorials because it is so much fun just reading them! I finally got all my supplies tonight. Well, almost all, after picking some fabric from my stash I went to get my yarn. Picked a pretty matching one but as soon as I got to the counter I remembered it needed to be 100% cotton & machine washable. The craft store I was at didn't have a nice selection so I'll have to make a trip to the nice yarn store the next town over sometime next week. *sigh*
In the meantime I'll make my "posh pillowcase" (Never bought anything from Pottery Barn but have dreamed about it LOL)

oh my gosh! this is so great, cassie! my pillowcases are awesome. thanks for the great instructions!

Horah! I have managed to make a gorgeous pillowcase. Thankyou, your instructions made it way easy.
Can not wait for monday :)

Golly Gosh that's so very Posh!

It's just sooooooo much fun! Greetings from Germany

My first time sewing and it seems to have worked! It was a bit funny trying to figure out what "turn down a 3/8" hem meant! I'm still not sure I have it right. Did you fold 3/8" twice to make that hem? The picture doesn't show any raw edges, so it looks like you must have folded over some, then folded over 3/8".

Great way to learn and I'm very happy with the result! Thank you.

I managed to complete sewing my first pillow. Can't wait for future instructions.

How much fabric did you begin with? I also am wondering about the 3/8" hem as posted above. These look great and I love the fabric choice.

See the "Ready to Rumble" post on March 1st -- it gives the fabric requirements + an option for using an accent fabric. You'll need 1 1/8 yards fabric (or, 1 1/8 + 1 yard of another for the focus panel -- and that gives you enough fabric to make TWO cases).

I love you. No, really, I do. Not in a weird-stalker way, but in a I-want-to-be-you way. I've been wondering how to crochet onto material for ages and have concluded that I am not quite smart enough to figure that out! You have saved the day. Now...if we could only get you to fix the health care situation...probably not enough dove chocolates for that! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Cassie, I just want to say thanks for your wonderful instructions, I love your pillowcase pattern. Now I"m spoiled and want all my pillowcases to be Posh ~with a pocket!

I can't wait to make these! Love the Fried Green Tomatoes reference as well: Tah-wan-duh! Thanks for sharing!

I'm thrilled! These posh pillowcases are so easy!!! I do not sew, but I do have a sewing machine .... these were so simple even I could follow the directions and now, eveyone I know is getting posh pillowcases as gifts!!! I'm even sending two to my brother in Iraq! Thanks Cassie!!!
PS. I absolutely love your blog!

You make great tutorials!!Thank you so much!!!! Wishing lots of love and happy sewing!

I'm a little confused. Did you fold twice to make the 3/8" hem? I'm not sure what to do after you match the raw edges.

lovely edging, might have a go at these!

Hi there,

I just found your wonderful blog.

I am excited to make these adorable Posh Pillowcases. My mental gears are clanking and churning at the possible fabrics and crochet trim combo possibilities.

I have visions of my husband resting his manly cranium on something floral and feminine or maybe groovy.

I think this style of pillowcase, with the flap or pocket to hide the pillow is called "The Housewife Pillowcase." Or it's very close to the Housewife Pillow case.

Don't laugh, I am serious!

This was a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much! I made a pair for my 3 yr. old daughters room! thank you again!

thank you so much for your tutorial. The pillow turned out so perfectly and it s so much comfier than any bought one.

eek! I just tore my first piece of fabric. Never did that before...always thought it would go crooked. Can't wait to finish the project now, but luckily for my sleep, I can only go so far before I need a sewing machine...and I'm using my mom's, which is 2 hours away. Thanks for posting this tutorial!!

Video tutorial, please!!!

are these directions for a standard pillow? If so, what would the measurements be for a king size pillow? Thank you so much for all your time posting such great directions.

Hi there! I'm all set to make these, and I just realized that I don't know what size they are? I need to make King sized -- I can adjust myself, but I need to know where I am starting from! :-) Thank you so much! ~Angela~

your worka are beautiful:))

really nice tutorial. love to have pretty pillowcases!

This is my very favorite tutorial, including the crochet edge. I look forward to trying this. I do not have a sewing machine. Do you do embroidery?
Thank you so much!!! Have a lovely day-

I am so happy that I found your blog. I have been happily creating pillowcases for the last few days.
Thank you so much
Hugs Pam

Love the detailed sewing instructions and contrasting fabric!

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