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March 25, 2010


That is awesome! I love the colors and the treats inside! I really need to pull my sewing machine out and learn once and for all how to sew!

Very sweet gift, I love the contrasting rick rack, great touch!

I've been browsing your Flickr and a bunch of your posts and I am loving what I see. Fantastic.

I wonder where you find the time and energy, having 5 kids was it? I am struggling to find any time for myself with just 3 wild young ones...

Love the combos of pattern and colours. Your handbags are great. I will continue to surf around. Really inspiring, nice and fun. Well done.

Hahaha -- Lady Casserina sounds like my kind of woman!!! Maybe two bags? On from you and one from her??? LOVE that bag -- you can't beat polkies!!!

I love the ditty bag, and your sense of humor cracks me up. I love it.

Yes, you have to be nice to women who are turning 40. It's a big shock to reach that number and we are fragile creatures!

Love the bag... and the goodies inside. What a nice gift.

I love that bag it's very sweet WOW I hate to think what sort of goodie's I would need in mine at my age he he he .
Hugs Mary.

Very nice!! And good job with handling Lady Casserina. I need to try sewing some zippers sometime soon.

Love it!!! to the max!!!

Cute bag. Love the fabric. Cherry Blossom is also my fave scent. Close second is cucmber melon.

Oooh, I would welcome such a beautiful bag no matter what it was filled with. And I could use those creams and potions you mentioned. :)

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Sew cute, and you have a great sense of humor!

Love your ditty bag, and you are hilarious! :) I love coming to your blog. I always leave with warm fuzzies and a smile. :)

That is absolutely adorable!!! Love the fabric, I have not seen it. You are so talented!

I love that bag! (and really must make a few - do you have a link to a pattern?!) Thanks so much!

Hi Cassie, love your blog and love this bag, but most of all I love right now I just love the tutorial on the crochet border edging. I seen this on some blackets and wondered how....Can't wait until I have time to try this. I've blogged how about it and posted your button too, even though you are done, some like me may want to try later on. Thanks for a superb job on the tutorial, appreciate your time in preparing it.

Oh that naughty (but fun) Casserina! I like her. The bag is cute, cute and I like the goodies you're including too.

(Still working on the pillowcases. I'm not the crochet wizard you are!)


I have some of that yummy orange floral print! I have been looking at it for weeks trying to build up the courage to cut into it. It's an illness of mine......

I think I'll steal Lady Casserina's idea. I've always stayed in touch with my subversive side.

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