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March 22, 2010


Love, love, love these! I was wondering how I was going to find a place to find vintage pillowcases. Then it came to me. I have two of them on my bed!!! Yes! From the 70's. Not necessarily my thought of vintage, but they will do, for sure!

This is such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing. :)


Hello! I came across this pattern just love it! I am the editor of AllFreeCrochet.com and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I know my readers would love it as well, and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It's really that simple. Please let me know if this would be ok. I look forward to hearing from you!

I love, LOVE, L O V E this edging!!!! I'll give it a try for sure. Thank you!

This is by far the clearest, simplest explanation I have seen for any crochet stitch. Thank you! I am almost finished putting together the squares for my first blanket, and I was looking for a simple, pretty border to finish it off. I think I've found it!

I did it!! And I'm so excited! Your tutorial was easy to follow; both the text and the pictures made sense to me. (And that's a fairly large compliment, since I'm not too good at 'seeing' things that are 3D in my my mind's eye.) If ya wanna take a peak at the end product, here it is: http://otavashop.blogspot.ca/2012/10/red-buds-pillowcase.html I've already whipped up 6 or 7 more that are just waiting for trim now.

Yayyyy!! I just crocheted my very first edge thanks to your wonderful, clear instructions!! Thank you so much !!!!

Serafina :)

What size and type yarn did you use for this and what size crochet hook? Thanx for a great tutorial!

I have just found this site. Your tutorials are so easy to understand. I look forward to creating.

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I saw this after week four...there is no way I could have waited for the finale. My pillowcase is awesome and I am starting my crochet!!! thank you. Love love love your blog.

Thank you sweet girl for this amazing tutorial. I have been dreaming about floral flannel pillowcases and wanted a crochet border. Yours is beautiful. Now I'm off to Hancock's for fabric. :) Hope your day is as nice as you've helped make mine.

How did you make the holes in the fabric? Hem stitch with a wing needle? Love the fabric....

I don`t get it, where do you explain how to close the pillow-case so your pillow isn`t
falling out all the time?

I wanted to let you know that I used your tutorial (which is wonderful by the way) and made some pillowcases for a friend's mom who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. They turned out great. I blogged about them on my (mostly food) blog at: http://athomemyway.blogspot.com/2013/04/homemade-pillowcases.html

Thank you for the inspiration and the great pattern. These just turn out so pretty, cheery, and beautiful! I couldn't believe that I made something that turned out so well. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Didn't make the pillowcase, but got a brainwave to use this stitch on a to-go coffee cup sleeve. So pretty:

I know this is an old post, but it's still a goodie, and I just used this tutorial to decorate a project of mine. You can view it on my blog if you like: http://yearofcraftingdangerously.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/more-hotness.html

thank you for the tutorial... i'll try to make it :-)

I absolutely agree with the positive comments above. For a beginner, the instructions so easy to follow and the pictures are so very clear. thank you ever so much

Just Beautiful! I am making them too!

Love, love, love the pillowcases

What size thread and hook did you use please?

Just finished my first one and it is lovely! Thanks for the tutorial…

What is the sewing stitch you do first on the pillow slip?

How is the hole made to get started?

Great instructions - have lost my glasses but can still follow this! And it's just what I was looking for to edge my denim jacket - not too plain, not too fancy - thank you :)

This is the most understandable crochet tutorial I've ever seen! Nice job. Thank you.

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