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March 22, 2010


I cannot wait to make these. I'm not that much of a sewer but It would be a great way to dress up some old pillowcases. Do you paint your own fabrics or where do you get them. The patterns are absolutely amazing! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

Ok - now I have to get some hooks. My little girl has a blanket with that edging (she loves chewing the edge) and I've been wanting to get another so I can throw hers in the wash sometimes (or leave one with the babysitter)

Just found your blog and the scalloped edge pillow case is darling! makes me want to crochet... and I've not done that in probably 20+ years!

Oh WOW! I love this so, so, SO much! What a gorgeous case. I just clicked over from Craft. I would LOVE to link to this if you didn't mind.

Wonderful tutorial! I love the finished result, classic and beautiful with all the comfort of grandma's house. Is there are particular brand of yard that your recommend?

I love it! I'm totally putting this on my "to do" list! I love your pictures, too by the way.

wow...very pretty...i have to do this...

Oh, I am so grateful that you have shared this info, but I am wishing you had a video! I am so horrible when it comes to reading and then understanding with pictures...oh well! Maybe I will figure it out. Daisy~

Thank you for the really great tutorial, I have wondered for ages how you go about the beginning bit, now I know. Will be able to crotchet face washers, and hand towels etc as well as pillow cases.

Thank you so much for this inspiring idea...i made one for myself and blogged about it. I'll add it to flicker photostream soon

Thank you! My Grandmother used to cut up her old towels and then crochet them on the edges, recycling them into washcloths! I've been thinking about doing it, but didn't have a pattern! Now I do, and I have found your blog! Hurray!


One thing missing tho, where is the directions for the blanket stitch?! Forget it, now I don't even want to youtube it. Great idea, but never mind.

Your tutorial is wonderful !!
Your instructions read just like you were sitting next to me, and telling me what to do next, and how to do it !!

On my way to doing several pillowcases ! Just need to make sure that I have enough of the same color so they will all look alike.

This would make a great Wedding Present or a gift for a Bridal Shower ! June weddings are coming up soon. Stripes, florals or whatever pillowcases would go with just about anything.

I don't know how to crochet but this looks like fun. Thanks for your tutorial. I will give it a go because it's too pretty not to try.

Your tutorial is really great. I hemstitch for a living and am wondering if maybe it isn't available where you live. Having to do the blanket stitch & get it so even looks like a lot of extra work.

Those are the cutest pillow cases ever. I had every intention of sewing along with you. But it didnt happen. I even put the blog button on my blog. Well that was a start right? lol I'm for sure going to make some now. There soooo neat. Thanks for the tutorial.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Just finished my first one. it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial. I just couldnt stop making it and finished one in a day.

Thank-you for your clear, beautifully illustrated tutorial! So pretty! I will have to make some pillow cases one day. I have just used the crochet instructions to add a border to a recycled skirt!

Just completed edging pillowcases using your tutorial. It was so helpful and I'm really happy with the results. Thank you and I just posted pics on my blog.


I was finally able to finish my pillowcases. I made a pair for both my daughter and son. My son choose an eagle pattern for his. I have never tried crocheting before but your tutorials helped make it so easy. I really enjoyed it and look forward to crocheting more when time permits.


Thank you so much for this wonderfully explained tutorial.
Hugs from Italy

Which yarn do you recommend for this? Wondering too what type of material you usually get for the pillowcases. Thank you so much for so unselfishly sharing. You are a lovely soul!!

These pillowcases are just too beautiful. I can't wait to make my own. Your pictures are brilliant! Thanks for posting such a marvelous series of tutes. :3

I love this tutorial, and my pillow case edging turned out great. Do you have this pattern listed on Ravelry anywhere?

I can't wait to get started on this tutorial. Could you tell me what type of yarn and hook you used?

thank you!! I am going to try it on a too short denim skirt that I bought without trying on....its way too short!

Cool tutorial! thanks so much.

Cool tutorial! Thanks so much...

Just finding this tutorial via sew mama sew - thank you! This is a awesome project - just what I wanted!

This is an AWESOME tutorial! I must try it. Linking up at www.tangledhappy.blogspot.com next month. Thank your for sharing this! :)

Oh this was excellent - just the tutorial I needed for my recent crocheted project. I've given you a shout out on my blog :) Thank yoooou x

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and you're one of my new favorite people for sharing it with me! And I love that your tutorial includes steps for eating chocolates, you are my kind of person. Thank you, stranger. Let's be friends.

I just finished my first set! But I didn't like how the foundation stitches looked on the first one, so I did them with three string width embroidery thread, doubled. I like it much better than the yarn. I'm so happy to learn how to do this, and I plan to make some receiving blankets with this edge next! Thanks so much for teaching me how!

I just finished mine! Wanted to share and say how much I LOVED the project!! Here is a link to my blogpost about it: http://elletrainknits.blogspot.com/2011/04/posh-pillows.html

I love edged pillowcases. I love this post. I don't know how I got here but I think you and I might be craft twins because not only do I love this I also actually HAVE both of these fabrics, in this combo, on a pillowcase. Which is a little weird. But just a little. I wondered if you ever sold these? I've been encouraged to and I'm thinking about it... Lovely :)

Shout out!



These pillowcases are so beautiful! Wanted to let you know I included one of your photos and attributed you with this link in a TipJunkie article introducing crochet: http://www.tipjunkie.com/how-to-crochet-introduction/comment-page-1/#comment-118929

I so want to try this, but have no idea how to do the blanket stitch and/or make the holes in the fabric to get started crocheting... can you help??? Thank you so much :)

OK so I'm a dummy... had I read your ENTIRE tutorial I would have seen that you included the instructions for the blanket stitch!! Think I need to go eat some dark chocolate to clear my brain.. LOL

sweet and simple

Ooooo, thanks for this super-clear tutorial.
I have, in fact used your lovely crochet border for some cashmere leg warmers!
How debonaire, I hear you say!
Not really, they were made from the sleeves of an old jumper of the Mister's!
Anyhoo, I've just blogged about it and have obviously linked to your lovely blog.
Do pop over and have a look if you have time (sorry, I can't do the clever linky thing).
Thanks again, and have a fab weekend.

Thank you very much. I'm going to follow your tutorial to make some Christmas presents this year.

Awesome tutorial!!! Do you have instructions for the holes and blanket stitch?

Thank you for this tutorial! I have seen projects my ex-SIL has done, but have never learned how before she became an ex. So much detail. I truly appreciate it!

My grandma used to crochet the edges of all her pillowcases and I still have some of the old white ones. I love the colorful pillowcases that you're crocheting on. Did you make those as well? Did I miss a link to that pattern, by chance?

Huge thanks for your tutorial, I've edged some cardstock and used it to embellish a scrapbook page! http://pickleberrypapercrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/finished-page.html

This is a great tutorial! I'd tried to do this on my own a few times without realising that you need a sc base!

I've used the crochet edging on a ready-made pillow case in a slightly different way, and am all set to make some pillowcases of my own and ue this on them as well!



Lindo! Eu sou Brasileira, mas acompanho e gosto muito de seu trabalho. Parabens!

I really enjoyed how you modernized the crochet edging. I used to do this when I was a kid with my grandmother and great aunts. Your method is much easier and bolder than the old way which involved a very thin crochet hook and crochet thread, not yarn, and having to learn how to wiggle your hook into the material, ugh! Very nice!!

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