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March 22, 2010


Getting started on this today! Very clear crochet instructions! Thank you. I've tried following some crochet patterns and it just makes me go bleary eyed and babble incoherently. lol

Love all the pics!

I'm so excited to start this part of our project. Hooray! Thank you so much as this whole venture has proven to be a complete blast.

Awesome! I have 2 pillowcases ready to go at home. Can't wait to finish them up. I see a lot of posh pillowcases in my future. :) Thanks for this great crochet along.

Great Directions, Cassie!!
Even I will be able to follow them.LOL

Thank you so much all the hard work you put into this project. I know how time consuming tutorials can be.

Thanks again, Hugs, Karen

Wow, what a gorgeous pillowcase! Fabulous tutorials all the way through!


Thanks. It has been fun. Please don't wait TOO long to post the other crochet pattern. I have lots of pillowcases waiting for the crocheted edge and I don't want to do all of them the same way.

Wait... did you say jeans? Do you think this pattern would work on embroidering jeans as well? You know, pant leg hem, pockets...

Thanks for the great tutorial and inspiration!


Ok I just have to ask a question (there's always someone lol) is there an easy way to make the holes in the fabric to put the crochet hook through?? it just looks so even, maybe you did poke a hole with a needle, but I'm hoping there's an easier way.

Whew! Finished my edging!! That was fun. Posted on Flickr.

I'm so excited! I *think* I can do this! Thank you for the encouragement and clear directions, Cassie!


WooHoo!!! You Da Bomb! You did a fantastic job on this tutorial and your pictures are fantastic! Thank You for your service to our crocheting!!! ;-)

Thanks for the tutorial, I have to agree you did a fantastic job, I was mostly interestied in the scollaped edging because even though I figured out how to do the button hole stitching I couldn't work out the scollap lol so.. many thanks

You've made that look straight-forward but I think I'll be able to complicate it in practise!! Thanks for the tutorial - looking forward to having a go!

Emma :-)

Question from dumb girl....what is blanket stitch?

Love it!!! I will be getting busy tonight!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! this was sew fun!

This has been a lot of fun, thank you for all the hard work in putting this together.

I couldn't wait so I wound up doing my own border, but I will be making plenty more to use your border.

I will be posting to flickr.

Thanks sooooo much Cassie for the great tutorials and the wonderful pictures. I already have one of mine completely done. It turned out so perfect and I understood everything you did and showed us. Yippee!! Do we all get graduation diplomas now. lol. Just kidding. I'm just so excited about my new skill in making pillowcase edges. I've been making crocheted flowers since November 2009 thanks to my Auntie's help. She got me started and you helped me progress. Thanks again for everything. It's been so much fun!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been obsessed with figuring out how to do this. I have checked out tons of books from the library and tried all the links on line, but none came close to what you took the time to do. You deserve a whole bag of chocolates.

Hi Cassie,
I found your fantastic blog through rose hip's blog. I actually tried one of these on my own. I love your tutorials they are just wonderful with great photos and instructions. I wish I had them when I was doing my pillowcase. My yarn was a little thicker than I would have liked but then I had to practice - didn't I? I would like to make my own pillowcases too. Thanks so much for putting these great tutorials together.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

I am so excited! I have my pillowcase done, but live in a small town and haven't had a chance to find the yarn. All we have is the basic yarn used in afghans. So, will bookmark this spot and hope to pick some up when I go out of town.

OK...that was waaaay too fun!!! I made a pillowcase and loved making the edging! Even showed a friend how to do it and she is loving crocheting now! Yipee

Cassie, I love you. Thank you muchly for making the last month both fun & exciting. Now to figure out how to put a pic on flickr :0)

Oh this is wonderful - thank you so much for sharing!

Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!!! I have been studying every single picture of rose hips pillows for quite some time to figure out how to make this trim. I am so greatful for your sharing. ANd I really like your blog too. Kids are demanding attention but I will absolutely come back for a longer visit. Thanks again.

Cassie, what a hoot, I've really enjoyed this project. If you would have told me years ago I would be making pillowcase - no way. But love love

Cassie, thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us. I can't wait to finish mine.

Two down, 100 to go! Check out my finished pillowcases.

Oh so pretty and fun,thanks so much for your wonderful instruction! Plus another great reason to buy chocolate.....

This is FUN! I have about three pillowcases finished and about five more to work on. I actually had some material for pillocases at home but lacked the inspiration. I only bought new material for two. Now a question. What to do with all these pillowcases? Thanks for the inspiration and the tutorial. Not sure how to do the Flickr.

That is so beautiful it makes my brain hurt. I'm going to show this to my daughter and see if she'll make some for me. She's much better at crocheting than I am and I really need to have a crocheted pillow now. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tutorial!!

Dear Cassie

Thank you very much for the tutorial. I've made so many things - an experienced needlewoman - but never attempted a pillowcase cos I found the flap bit confusing. You unconfused me!! Thanks for that. Now to go and blanket stitch with 15 x width thread :-)

Sue - London UK

GREAT Tutorial! WELL DONE! I've been wanting to learn how to do this since I saw your first photos of these yummy pillowcases! I'm off to Fabric.com to get some yarn, and a needle. I've been eyeing some all natural yarns on there.... XO THanks again!

Super, crazy good! I can't wait to finish a few project to get my crochet hooks dusted off and get this started... and eating some chocolates won't be so bad either!

I wish I had found your challenge earlier so I could have participated, but better late than never! I can't start today because I'm making jelly (apple-cinnamon, yum!), but I have a set of yellow pillowcases just waiting for me to find the right yarn to go with them. I'm thinking PINK! Thanks for the tutorial, it seems very clear.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

I LOVED having the opportunity to do this "along". You are so sweet to do this, and you did such a wonderful job- clear instructions and clear directions. You made it so easy. I have had such a good time making pillowcases and crocheting, and I loved getting a chance to play along.

Hurrah! We're three girls, a mom, and four new pillowcases! We had a GREAT time following your tutorial. The girls LOVE their results! They like to be unique, so we used different sized yarns on a couple and slightly different edging patterns on a couple, but your tutorial made it all possible to begin with. Thank you again for your beautiful pics, clear instructions, and especially... the encouragment to eat chocolates! :) Will try to post pics.

I really love this project and thank you immensely for posting it. I just found it, so I haven't even started yet. But, I have been looking all over for a tutorial on crocheted edges. I am a knitter and don't really crochet. But I want to crochet a lace edge on some Irish linen hankies I embroidered for my mother-in-law. (Yes, she still uses real hankies.) This will be a great way to learn. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful tutorial. The photos are great and the instructions are easy to follow. I'm at the stage of sewing the blanket stitch and the thread is twisting terribly. Any tips there?

Thank you so much for the clear tutorial. Have a nice Easter. :)

Cassie, I wanted to leave you another note saying how very much I enjoyed this whole venture. I love how the project was managed in that each week brought us something to do but didn't overwhelm us. Your tutorials were great and while I definitely need to work on practicing crocheting since I'd never done it before, I'm absolutely thrilled with the four pillowcases I made. Thank you so much!

Lovely! I love how it's a modern take on a fabulous vintage craft. And how relieved am I to FINALLY see some cool crochet in blog land! I'm a crocheter (and knitter) and you so rarely see it. :) I found you through Thimbleanna, and I won't be a stranger!

I am currently learning to crochet, so I am so excited about this tutorial! I am only sad that I only just found your blog and have missed out on joining in along the ride!


Thank you SOOOO much for this tutorial. I had never been able to figure out the flap before!! I have put photos in the Flickr Group Stitch 'n Dye. I so enjoyed making the pillowcase and will make more now. Want to try finer threads/yarn for the edging and have been looking through my crochet stitch dictionaries for inspiration.

Best regards
Sue (UK)

Thanks for that. I need to buy some chocolate so that i can start.
Jille x

I'm pretty sure this is the yummiest (chocolates aside) tutorial I've ever come across! Thank you! <3

thanks so much for the tutorial! you've taken the mystery out of crocheting around cloth for me! I've been wanting to do some napkins and just couldn't figure out how to do it! again, thanks for sharing! I'm going to follow your blog!

fantastic tutorial!

Great!!!Thank you Cassie!

I've been looking for a straightforward tutorial for crochet edging. This is perfect!

Brilliant, I am doing this in my new house!

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