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March 15, 2010


I'm so excited. Now i need to run home from work and make a pillowcase real quick....No worries... :)

This is so exciting and I'm ready to go. I just finished posted my progress thus far on my blog and now I can start this week's assignment. Thank you so much for hosting this as I've been thoroughly enjoying this whole process. The pillowcase sewing tutorial was easy to follow and now I have four new pillowcases I love.

I like that better than trying to crochet a foundation edge!! Great tute!!
Thank you.

Wait. I'm back on that sentence where you said you work out an HOUR a day. AN HOUR??? Wow! That's very impressive. I'd work out an hour a day, but it would cut into my eating time. Can't have that!

You're an Einstein! Love the way you hid those knots!!! I'm behind already, but I'll catch up!

I was wondering how you were going to do this part. Great idea!

I'm super excited. This will be a snap. Thanks Cassie!

Love the tutorial, so much so that I made 7 extra pillowcases to donate to Operation Pillowcase (no crocheted edging)
Great cause, a little bit of home for the soldiers.

Thank you for the great instructions and wonderful pics. I'm off to try the blanket stitch, wish me luck.


Your photos are soooo pretty. I love the way you explain every detail. Now I'm just wondering if I could get off work early because I'm DYING to go home and add my blanket stitch to my two pillowcases. This is soooo much fun. You do a great job with the tutorial!

Is the yarn a sport weight or a worsted weight? Or something else? I'm not familiar with the baby bamboo.

Wow that looks pretty without the crochet! Great tutorial too ;-)

just like you said...needle and thread! (oh nevermind - that was supposed to be a secret). why do we over-analyze so much, just hang tight and we shall see.
looks great, I'm assuming that will be the base for the crochet maybe???

What a lovely and fun project you have going here! I did not join in this time, but with the combination of sewing, crocheting and chocolates, it won't be long before I jump in and create along with you! Great tutorials you have on these pillowcases. I love the idea of a flap to hide the end of the pillow!

I have beginner crochet videos on my site if you are looking for somewhere to send your readers.


absolutely wonderful tutorial!!

You have no idea how excited I was to open your blog and see this set of instructions! I spied some other pretty pillowcases with the beautiful crocheting on the edges and could not wrap my head around how it was done. I can't wait to get busy on making some - what beautiful gifts they would make for friends & kids!

I love your tut. i love how you rant and rav on figuring things out. It was like you were in my head. I love how you always add a snack to your patterns.
Crochet is my medium and sewing is my new infatuation.
I love your pillow cases came out super lovely and I plan on adapting your tut to some tanks for my daughter thanks so much xoxoxo

I love this pillow, each post is like opening a present! I have some fabrics set aside and will be making one soon. I might even have more than 3 chocolates, just because ;-)

My girls and I are still with you and we are really loving your instructions. They're doing cases for travel size pillows, so they don't get overwhelmed. They were SO excited to do this week's step and are looking forward to next Monday to complete their crochet trim! You've made coming home from school on Mondays such a joy. Continued thanks for the awesome project for these girls!

Thanks so much for showing us how to do this! I have never thought about crocheting in my life, but after seeing your pillowcases, went to the library and got 3 books! I want to learn how and will be coming back to these posts!! Thanks.

I have an alternative suggestion for doing your foundation. I have a Skip-Stitch blade that I bought through Project Linus for doing fleece blankets with crocheted trim. You put the blade in your rotary cutter and role along to make your holes. I believe the blades come in three different sizes (for different spacings). No measuring and marking. No sewing with really long yarn. You just roll your blade and then crochet the foundation.

Oh Cassie, your tutorial is just perfect and your explanations too! As Danielle above says: each post is like opening a present! It's so exciting and so much fun to watch the forthcoming. Have a good day and thanks so much! Greetings from Germany

I have something for you: another crochet edge: http://minspiration.blogspot.com/2010/03/little-something-for-you.html

Parafraseando você
Você conhece o meu coração alegrar
Abracos Tudo aqui e divino

YEAY! I'm all caught up with one pillow case. I found stuff in my stash that will work. Now to make more than one. :) I love your humor...it puts a smile on my face.

Finally! I was able to get my yarn. Not true baby weight (3) but when comparing it to them it was the same size even if the package didn't say so. Will work on this hopefully this weekend.
I've been telling everyone about it. lol

oh [blush] sorry. I just discovered it's a two part tutorial. Shame on me. That's fantastic, I can do that :)

Thank you for sharing this! I have been wanting to learn to crochet edges. I am a knitter and don't crochet at all. I needed a very basic tutorial, and it is hard to find tutorials on crocheted edging. I have looked and looked! I found yours through a link on another blog. Thank you so much!

I made a pillowcase today. I will start the crochet edging tonight!

Thanks for the inspiration and GREAT tute.

it might go faster if instead of marking every 1/2 with the pen
just line up the ruler and use the needle to make your hole every 1/2 inch--then just stitch the blanket stitch as described in the already poked holes.
just a thought

Great tutorial! I've been searching for one forever on this and finally just figured it out on my own. Wish I'd seen this first!! Your work is gorgeous.

I just found your site from a link over at Jona's "Stop Staring and Start Sewing" typepad site. I have been crocheting for a while now but never used the blanket stitch for hems! Your tutorial was very consice and the pictures were beautiful. Thanks, I am so excited to try this.

Fantastic! I've always wondered how this is done, and now I know, through your EXCELLENT tutorial, thank you so much for de-mystifying it. Love Vanessa xxx

I've always wondered too how this is done. Thank you so much for your tutorial!

I would really love to try this pillowcase. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. :-) The *posh* pillowcase you show in the pics is adorable. I'm just curious, though - is there a particular reason you did not want to crochet a foundation onto the pillowcase edge, rather than dealing with all those feet of yarn and a needle to blanket stitch the foundation? I can just envision myself trying to keep all that yarn from tangling. :-/

Great tutorial and I do this stitch in the same direction as you!!!

Great tutorial. A perfect blanket stitch! Hard to do so that is why I cheat!! I found a blade for my rotary cutter called a skip stitch. I found it on a web search & bought it in all 3 sizes! It cuts holes evenly spaced that I insert my crochet hook through and do a single crochet foundation stitch around pillow cases, fleece, etc and then do a decorative stitch from there. But your way is the truest form of the art & looks beautiful.

I guess I am the only one confussed by this. I look at the directions, diagrams and the notes on the actual photos. I only see one "first" hole being made, the next thing I read is to run the thread through it, but them am told I am not suposed to work that hole, and something about a pocket hole. And how am I looking inside the pillow case from the back end, when the foundation is being stitched on the open end of the pillow case. Can someone tell me what I am missing. Where is this "pocket" hole? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Start on the "pocket" edge of your pillowcase. I like to start close to a side seam. Poke the needle through all layers of fabric, then remove the needle.

You will have a little hole like this in your pillowcase.

Take the threaded needle up into the "pocket". Insert the needle into the hole you just made on the pillowcase. You will only be poking your needle through the hole you made on the outside of the pillowcase. You will not be stitching through the hole on the "pocket" flap yet. Pull, and pull, and pull the yarn through until you have an 8" tail. Leave the tail in the "pocket" for later.

So after reading that, what I pasted, plus the notes on the tut photos, how many times can I actually put my needle and thread through that hole and not actually make a stitch? I realize there might be a whole that was made in the hem pocket, but I did see a picture of that, I only see the hole on the outside/right side of the pillow case.

thank you so much for posting this! i love these pillowcases!

I am still enjoying the chocolates.
Contemplating on what color yarn to use! LOL


Love the blog! I will be following from now on! Keep up the great work!!

I have linked to your tutorial in my blog as I can't imagine doing a better job than you at this!

I got all the stuff to make my posh pillowcase Thursday so that I could make my pillowcase on Friday. Then, BAM, stomach virus completely attacked me Friday. Aghhh! Now, on Saturday, I got the pillowcase sewed (in the middle of loads and loads of laundry to wash the sickness away LOL). I put the blanket stitch on. I'm not completely happy with that. Is there a trick to making your stitches look straight. Mine kind of look all wiggely. Thanks for any tips!

What size yarn and hook did you use please?

Thanks for the tutorial! I love them!!

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