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February 12, 2010


congrats! it looks great. i'm very proud of you, but can you now share with us in blogland how you did that?!?!

I love that. Would you mind sharing how you made the holes in the pillowcase?

oh do please tell us how you did it. I would love to make some for my daughter's bed for shams. because I really think the zinny the zebra would love them hehe

Love the color you picked to do the trim in!

oh cassie.

don't tell thimbleanna, but i think i'm completely in love with you.

I love this, it's beautiful! I'm hoping you sell the instructions in your shop.

That looks really, really cool ;-)

Oh my gosh, how pretty. The colors are lovely. Do tell how it's done. I'd love to purchase the pattern and instructions.

well done :)

good for you! It looks beautiful so far. I love the springy combo of pink and yellow. Keep it up, girlie!

Just beautiful Cassie!

Ditto here - how do you attach yarn to pillowcase. I love what you have done so far.

It looks fabulous!

Love it! Now you can come over for coffee and teach me!

So gorgeous!! I'm not going to ask you how you did it like your other lovely readers. I am self-aware enough to know it would do me no good to have the instructions, because I'd never do it myself. :)

this has been keeping me up at night. Not entirely, but it has been on my mind and I've been looking and looking and thinking about how to do that. PLEASE share. I'm going nuts!

Well, first of all, I saw B's comment. Looks like we'll just have to move things to a threesome! YOU ROCK!!! It's beautiful. LOVE the colors. Love Love Love!!! I think we need a CrochetPillowcaseAlong!!!

what fabric is that cassie? it's darling.
i vote for the pillowcasealong.

yes please! I have been aching to make some since I saw your earlier post. I have lots of questions... how to get the holes in the pillows, what kind of crochet stitch (I barely know how to crochet) etc etc. Please help!

That is super duper cute :D

Too pretty. Makes me think I might want to learn to crochet.

Wow! It looks great. Love the colors and the stitch design. Good Job!

OH MY GOODNESS! It's good. Really good. I love what you're doing with your crochet hook.

You Go Girl!

Hey! I just found your blog while googling "colored pencil roll tutorial", and am I *so glad* I did! I can't believe I didn't find you sooner! I just made a pencil roll with 13 pockets and used your no-snit binding method. Finally something with a binding--that isn't hand-sewn--that I can be satisfied with. Thanks for your tutorials...you're going in my bloglines!

yes......please, how do you do the crocheted edge???????

Can you tell me how you did this? i love this pattern. I would love to do this on the pillow case edging.

please share the instructions for this edge. thank you in advance

looks like it's the same basic shell, but instead of 5 dc, it's 2 dc, ch 3 (maybe 2) then 2 dc.
Or maybe it's a 2 dc cluster stitch then the chain and another cluster stitch.

Spill the beans girlfriend...
we all wanna know how you start this?
How to attach the yarn to the fabric?????
is it a blanket stitch first????


It looks lovely. Any lady, young or old, would appreciate a beautiful pillow case trimmed with this. If you ever decide to do a tutorial with your instructions, I will be first to make some. I will be watching. Keep up the wonderful work.

I love this design.
The decorative design looks to me like a round of V-stitches and then a round of picot stitches. If you search "Lacy Vs and Picots Edging" you can find something similar to this.

I did something similar a few years ago on throw pillows I made to match my new homemade slipcovers. First, I marked the edge off in 1/2" increments all the way around and then I poked holes every 1/2" with a KNITTING NEEDLE!!! Not sure what size it was but it was kind of big. I wanted to use a crochet hook to do the edging so it had to be BIG. The pillow covers were heavier fabric than pillow cases but I am sure it will work. Think I will try this in the spring when I make more bed pillowcases.

I love ur edging. Do u possibly have an edging with leaves. Appreciate if u might have one. Thx, Carljean

My pillow cases are done, off to the store to purchase yarn. I'm just so excited.😊

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