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February 17, 2010


Yipee!!!! I can't wait for the pillowcasealong! I need to get some fabric. (Stop laughing -- I know I have a room FULL of fabric, but it's not really what I want for pillowcases.) I'm going to be ready. You'll have to give us the warning shot, so we can get our supplies organized and be ready to ruuuuummmmmbbbbbbllllleeeee!!!!!

The winter doodle is ADORABLE!!! Love that little bunny!!! Do you have a plan for them???

Your embroidery is so lovely! Our weather is also less than desirable (read: sucks) so I've been trying to distract myself with projects and practicing embroidery stitches has been one of them. I can only hope that one day my stitches are as lovely as those on your Winter doodle.

Now I better get to work practicing my crochet skills, so I can participate in the making of lovely pillowcase edging!

I'm in for a pillowcase-crochet-along, even though I need another craft skill like a hole in the head. Oh well, that's never stopped me before.

Yes, I can understand that you have contacted Beata first, because it was her wonderful photos that got us all going. I too have found out how it works in the meantime! And I am looking forward to your tutorial in case you have found a better way than me.! Wishing you a wonderful time and greetings from Germany!

That would be so fun! I, too, have figured it out, but would love a crochet along, and to see how you're doing it. ;)

I love your winter doodle and also wonder what you have planned for it.

The crocheted-edge pillowcases are wonderful. I don't know how to crochet, but if I did I would gladly join a crochet-along :).

Totally with you on the crocheted pillow case edging. Ready to go.

YES to the pillowcase crochet-along!!
The winter doodle is lovely. The touch of spring around the outside is nice. I always love looking at your work.

Hi there....really enjoy your blog. I was wondering if you could share the stitch you did around the circle in the blue floss. It's lovely, as is all your work :)


I am fueled by sunshine too! I *think* I would like to pillowcase crochet-along, but .... I have only crocheted a very little and would need another lesson or many lessons.


Yur winter doodle is so very cute!

missed a key stroke, I meant "Your"

Love the bunny....

LOVE your embroidery piece. I also admire your ethics. Thanks for checking with Beta before doing this. She is actually the one who directed me to you. I love it that crafty people can share their ideas.

Another adorable doodle!!!!

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