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February 22, 2010


I'm game, I really love these pillowcases. My Granny made me loads of crochet edges but I'm too chicken to use them so I'll make my own.
I might have trouble keeping up on 3rd week as I'm on holiday but I'll catch up, promise.

Oh Ya I'm playing for sure!!
Thanks Cassie for figuring this out and being such a great inspiration. also thanks to Beata.
goin right now to add to my blog

Beautiful, just beautiful.

I don't normally do SALs but I'm all over this. Those pillowcases are too cute not to join in. :)

I'm all over this! I've done a couple of pillowcases for my girls and their friends, and they all love them. But those were flannel. Since summer is coming up I really need more summery pillowcases.

I am in--I'm so in love with these. Thank you so much for doing this--lots of work, I'm sure!

I'm ready. Hooray!

I love your pillowcases! I'm in, although we will be moving in 2.5 weeks, so may get a bit behind.

I can not resist. I am in. THank you for the opportunity. This is my first SAL.

Count me in. Thanks for organizing this.

I made pillow cases for everyone for Christmas. Everyone except me! This sounds like the greatest motivation to make a special one just for me! Sign me up!

This is my first SAL, too! Can't wait - I've been wanting a new look for our bed, and this will be perfect. Thanks!

Ok, since you can't come over for coffeethatyoudon'tdrink, I guess this will have to do. Because I'm so jealous that you know how to do this!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that your playlist rocks. It also makes you a cool mom!

I've been watching these come through my reader thinking I really want to try that one day. Thanks for making one day happen!!!

Count me in too. I would love to join the fun. Been inspired myself since you first posted about these pillowcases but have not acted up it as of yet. This will be just the push I need. Thanks for hosting

i want to do this! my quilt-along is ending next week so i will have time to do it. i am assuming you will help us a bit with the crochet how-to? :)

I definitely want to play along. I've admired these pillowcases for sometime and now I can make my own. I can't wait!

Now SEE??? What'd we tell you? Look at all these people coming out of the woodwork! Love the new button -- I can't wait!!!

Would love to learn how to make these. So cute. Thanks!

I am definately in on this. I love those pillowcases. I can see that they would make lovely gifts for special people.
Jane 80)

Count me in! I also love the way they look.

These pillowcases are gorgeous and I do need some new challenge, so I want to play! I haven't tried myself at crochet since I was twelve, but we'll see what I can do.

Count me in as well. If I can make a pillow that looks half as pretty as one of yours, I'll consider it a success. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

I am definately in on this one. The pillowcases are fantastic!!

ohhh-can I play? I don't have a blog anymore but here's my email:
[email protected]

I want to play too! count me in x

I would love to join in on the pillow case fun. I don't have blog but I do have a flickr account. So, please count me in.

Simply breath taking Cassie!

Pick me! Pick me! I want to play :-) I'm the wife of the motorcycle man in the pic.

I'm so excited! I thought pillow cases like these were lost to modern women. Then I saw the beautiful work that led to your fixation. I'm so happy you figured it out and want to teach others! I'm looking forward to March 1.

Please count me in. I have been going nuts trying to research how to crochet these beauties! I'll try to post the button on my blog, but as I'm brand-spanking new to this blogging thing, it might not make it there.

These are so cute! To be honest I first saw examples of these in my friends etsy shop that she made. Then after, I saw them on your blog and that you were thinking about doing a "play along" =) I am very much in and am glad that you are starting next week as this week I'll be out of town. YAY!

i'm in.
i'm so in.
i could write a song about how in i am.

include me too!
i'm seeing red and white polka dots with red edging.

I am so in! I've never done any kind of 'along', so I am super duper excited! I love your work. Thanks for the opportunity.

See, see oh playmate. I want to play with you!
But I am having trouble with the the button thing. I am new to blogging and this will be my first button, if I can figure it out.

Oh, I want to! I think I'll go watch some youtuby's to see if I can remember crochet. I'll need help on that.


I think I can...? I'll try... a little nervous about what technological abilities I might lack! sp

I gotta play along too. I made six of these last month and need to do more. I didn't have a double thread on the foundtion row though. I'm bound to pick up some tips.

i HAVE to try! Count me in.

I'm up for trying!

Oh how fun! I want to play. Thanks.

I'm definitely playing!


I want to do this. I have only done minimum crochet but I'm willing to learn! I will put your button on my blog.

I'm totally going to play! I love to crochet. I love to sew. I love pillow cases. I love pillowcases with crochet trim. ;o) And I LOVE your button!

Yes, I would like to give this a try. I have a niece that is getting married this summer, and the pillowcases would make a nice gift :)

I so want to make a million of these!! These are so pretty.

I would love to play! I love to make pillowcases and love to crochet. My grandmother used to always be crocheting an edging on something.

I thought I already posted , so here I go again but I would love to play

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