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January 20, 2010


And when you DO figure it out, could you please let us all in on the secret...?

These are so yummy!


I have loved these pillowcases since the first time I saw them. The way you sew like the wind, you can definitely do this! Before you start crocheting, you sew a row of blanket stitch around the edge of the pillowcase and then you can crochet in that foundation. Go For It! Maybe we should have a crochet-along!

Hi! Love those pillowcases. Hope you will share with us your 'investigation report' on how to make that kind of pillowcase. ;)

I am pretty sure directions for putting that edging on pillowcases can be found in Linda's new book, Crochet Adorned. Try lindamade dot com.

They are darling! Makes me want to make some too!

Adorable!!! I wish I could crochet too! My advice? Buy a pillowcase from Rose Hip and begin to learn crochet! You can do it!!!


I've seen these pillowcases also and they are beautiful. Wouldn't mind making some myself. You do such nice stitchery it shouldn't be a problem. Stitch around the edge of the pillowcase with a needle matching your thread size and then crochet through those stitches. Should be a piece of cake. Happy stitching.

Was it blanket stitched all around then crocheted, all with same thread? That is how I would do it. Great blog by the way. I have really enjoyed reading it ;-).x

LOL! I thought the same thing when I saw that first picture... "I wonder how hard it is to crochet??" So gorgeous. I think I need a few for my hope chest that is saving yummy things for my future guest room. :)

LOVE'em!! If you figure it out, let me know but I might of already had to have one myself :)

I know what you mean, the minute I saw these pillows I knew I had to have a go at it myself. But I had no idea how to attach the crochet, just like you. Now, after having read the comments I know. Thank you so much to yourself as well as to the commentators. I can get going! And I am curious to see what you make of it. Thanks and greetings from Germany

Just found your site- love your work and photography . I'll be sure to follow!


What is it about these things that we, as crafters, feel we MUST make them ourselves, and then get such a sense of satisfaction after having made them? lol I confess: I saw them, had to make some - and have made four so far. Not nearly as many as I want to make.

Beautiful pillowcase. They must be the rage right now, I saw them one someone else's blog and was wondering if I could learn just enough crochet for those. The great fabric is the cherry on top. Or maybe the crocheted edge is :)

Wow, these are amazing! I just learned to knit; I bet I could learn to crochet, too....

A friend of mine has some baby blankets in her etsy shop with this kind of edging. I think it is so pretty.

those are gorgeous!! have fun being posessed!!

Now your thinking like me...I love those pillowcases too. I would love to make a couple...but like you I can't figure it out. Good luck and I love your blog. Keep up the excellent work (fun).

Yes, I would love to know to to do this. I am an avid crocheter, self taught, but do you make a hole in the fabric? Inquiring minds want to know. I could find instructions.....help! Too beautiful to pass up!

jessie_jane over at Craftster pointed me to your blog after I asked about crocheting on fabric. This is very helpful, and the beautiful fabric and yarn combinations are making me drool. Added bonus: you're too funny and had me laughing out loud.

You use a tapestry needle and yarn, and do a blanket stitch across the item, then you go back and crochet into the blanket stitch.

I've been making flannel receiving blankets with crocheted edges for years. My friend's mom gave me one she had made when my first baby was born, and she taught me how to make them when I asked her. I love them, and have made hundreds. But I only know one edge! So excited to be able to learn more!

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