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January 01, 2010


you write the best posts! I love your style!
this was really funny...I love the little red fabric--you are a lucky duck!
Happy New Year!

do you have a pattern to share, or a tut?

love your bags!!!

Well, you just have it ALL figured out, don't you? haha. I will take a lesson from you and be SMART about my procrastination from now on.

The lunch bags are, indeed, fabulous. And I do love the little red fabric. So sweet.

You're so funny! Congratulations on your brilliance! One of my favorite sayings is: Hard work pays off over time, but procrastination always pays off now! Love the lunch bags -- Happy New Year!!!

Over the holiday I watched an obscure show on Discovery or TLC or one of those channels. The show was about a girl going to live in a Japanese Geisha house for a week. When the geishas went shopping they each had a cute bag similar to yours above. I fell in love with them. Your bag is so sweet.

Such cute lunch bags and I, too, love the red riding hood pocket! Oh! Good pay off on the procrastination!


this lunch bag would be so perfect for our bento boxes... do you have a link to a pattern or tutorial??? Pretty Please. I love the colors your chose to do yours in. And of course Little Red is just adorable! Thanks for your time, Kesch

what cute little bags cassie! i'm glad you enjoyed using the little red on one of them. :) i think the red polka dots are a perfect match for her!

p.s. i have your fabric in, so it'll be sent off tomorrow! yay!!

I love these! Way to be VERY productive! You really did a fantastic job!

I just found your blog and it's great! I'm looking forward to following along. I love your lunch bags!!

I love your Red Letter Day lunch bag! Super cute!

Happy New Year

Sooooooo CUTE!!! Are you going to create a tutorial, or do you have a link for the pattern? I would love to make some of these for my little ones!

What fabby lunch bags! Are you going to do a tutorial? Pretty please say you are going to do one! Lucy x

I wondered if there is a tutorial for this lunch bag, it is just soooooooo cute.
Thanks - Barbara

Adorable lunch bag. What is the pattern?

I'm looking for a pattern/tutorial too! Pretty please??? Just too cute!

Just found your blog!!! Oh my, it's so beautiful. I want to make these bags...do you have a link to a pattern? I also want to make your crochet edge pillow cases - they are just gorgeous, as are all your photos and tutorial. Thanks for sharing!!

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