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January 29, 2010


Cool! I loved those pillowcases with the lovely crochet trimmings, but haven't had the time to make my own. Good for you for making it happen.

Yeah Baby! I KNEW you could do it! They're going to be fantastic!!!!

Hehe, i love your determination! I'm still mystified... you sew the edging on right?

You are so ready for those pillowcases. Your stitches look great!

This looks just like the real thing! I wish I could crochet too, but who am I kidding, I am still trying to teach myself how to sew. One thing at a time, girl! Is this the fabric you will use for the pillowcase? I love the colors in it.

Look at you go! Can't wait to see the finished pillowcases.


I too need to learn more then just the one or two basic crochet stitches. Where did you find the pattern for the lace? It looks gorgeous.

Your crocheting is coming along nicely. It won't be long and I can't wait to see the pillowcases you make.

Hooray for you. This is actually my next project...where did you find crochet edging patterns?

Nice crochet! Thats another way to do it-sew it on! he he! x

oh cassie! i have so many projects going right now, but i've fallen completely in love with those pillowcases!!! and all the different edges! what size hook are you using? i knew of someone who did that edging on receiving blankets, and i think she used a sharp crochet hook that was pointed and actually stabbed it through. then, someone else used to buy fabric with the holes punched already. i wonder if there is a little punch tool that is used?

i did some investigating into this and found out that you use a metal crochet hook and crochet it on by poking the hook through the fabric. Apparently the first row is a little testing but once done you'll be in business.
my nana used to make the crocheted washcloths and teatowels, that we all cherish now. I asked my cousin who was taught by nana if it was sewn or crocheted on. crochet it is! I guess it all comes down to trial & error with hooks and fabric types. goodluck & happy crocheting. x

oh goodness! this is gorgeousness!!!!

I'm so glad I discovered you through Rose Hip's Blog! You are a HOOT! I share your obsession with those pillowcases! (At least I have been crocheting since the age of seven...but your determination makes me smile!)

I can't stop giggling. You are so funny. Sound just like me. Ha ha ha!!! Those pillowcases have left me awake more than one night... I'll continue to browse through your blog. This is hilarious and very entertaining.

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