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December 02, 2009


OK Can't do the Christmas acrostic thing. What is an acrostic anyway. Must've skipped that class! An elf or a snowman? Definitely an elf bouncing around and having fun at all the Christmas parties. A mouse or a ride in Santa's sleigh? I'd go for the ride with the wind in my hair and spreading the Christmas cheer!! Awesome giveaway!! My current all time favourite fabric line!!

Lovely giveaway!!
I think I'll prefer a midnight ride in Santa's sleigh!! lol

Beautigul fabrics and bag! What a lovely giveaway. I would rather be a mouse in the manger (I'm one of those persons hat have to see before they trust).

Thank you for the give away, it is just lovely. And since it is open to the rest of the world, here is mine from SOUTH AFRICA :)
I think i will prefer to be the snowman, i do miss a cold Christmas, and with snow is even better.

Lovely bag with beautiful colors :)...of course ride santa's sleigh :) that's an easy one

oooh - lovely giveaway, glad u relented on the acrostic though - the crazy professor on my DS Brain Training game is always making me do those before he lets me play !! I think I would go for the sleigh ride so I can visit all the places I've lived in and loved, and still get home for Xmas brekkie !

you are very funny! I think i would prefer the midnight ride in the sleigh! Have a lovely christmas!

Ohhhhhh, acrostic........

Christmas is here
Holly wreath is hanging
Rudolph getting ready
I'm so excited!
Shepherds on the hills
Tinsel and turkey
Mouse under the manger
Angels singing gently
Send me the prize! ;0)

Hee, hee!

Ugh unfortunately I'm more like the abominable snowman. I'm sure my family is fed up with me haha.

Oh, the mouse for sure.

Beautiful giveaway! I love that fabric. Thanks.

Mouse in the manger because that is what Christmas is really about.

not sure what a christmas acrostic is but it sounds naugty. And i'm nice :)
i'd love a ride in santas sleigh, that always looks like much fun in the movies.

beautiful giveaway. well, need to think..well if i can take my family with me then would definattely prefer a midnight ride in Santa's sleigh :)

Count me in! And which would I rather do? Well, right now I would rather take a nap.

Lovely give away! Definitely can't do the acrostic thing, (my brian is otherwise occupied!) sorry, but elf or snowman? Elf all the way. In fact, I'd be head elf, very jolly but good at delagating and organising with lists being my "thing"! Also, gotta be the sleigh ride. I'm head elf after all, so I'd have to be checking things off the lists as we went and helping spread xmas smiles :D

a ride with Santa , will be... awsome:))) please count me in!!
and go to my blog
I’m hosting this giveaway too :))
HUGS from Portugal :)))

i live in israel not very far from betlehem
so i most defenatly do not want to be a mouse there! i would much rather join santa and fly all over the world in one night with tons of presents!
it looks more apiling to me!

Definitely the mouse under the manger. Oh - I hope I win!

I've been the abominable snowman in the past, but am hoping to be the jolly elf this year! Happy holidays to you!

christmas acrostic? hmmm ... i think i'll just stick to saying that I would rather be a mouse under the manger that jesus was placed in. that would be fun.
hope you have a lovely holiday!

This year I think I'm a lot like Mrs. Clause. I'm sitting around supervising while I watch my husbands belly get bigger and bigger as he inhales cookies!

Christmas is a
Happy time when
Reindeer run and play.
I love to watch them
Stomp and buck,
To hear them snort and neigh.
Maybe that's
A fantasy, but it's
Still my favorite day!

ok, so i'm not sure that is exactly how your supposed to do that, but i tried!

Crafters think that
Holidays offer
Rewarding moments which
Inspire creativity,
Starting new
Traditions, tasting
Many, many cookies,
And of course, there's always the
Season of family and joy...

Honey Nut Bars
Irish Creme Fudge
Molasses Spice Drops
Almond cookies

I'll take the sleigh ride as long as all of my to do list is finished and I'm back before dawn :)

Ha! That bag looks just like an apron when you first see it -- it's adorable. I can't believe you even have any of those polkies left -- you're amazing. If I were writing your Christmas letter, I'd certainly include the squirrel story. And I'd mention that you've been SO busy you haven't had much time for your blog, but that you promise in the new year to post AT LEAST once a week for all your minions who can't get enough of the You Go Girl Charm and Inspiration!

As to the questions...Sleigh ride DEFINITELY! I'd much rather be out flying around on a crisp winter night than huddled in damp musty straw -- I'd fly by and check on Baby Jesus from clean fresh air. And Jolly Old Elf -- of course!!!

glad your cat isn't getting an apron!
Um I'd rather be a mouse--kind of a jolly little elf mouse--I'd say!
you're super fun Cassie--loved this post and love your giveaway thanks for a chance to win!

I think a sleigh ride sounds pretty fun. Then again, being the abominable snowman could be fun, in a destructive sort of way!

While the sleigh ride sounds like fun, it also sounds rather chilly. I'd have to say I'd like to be a stocking hung by the chimney with care, as long as there's always a cheery fire in the hearth! ~H

definately a mouse under the manger - oh, to be in Bethlehem that night!

Oh what a beautiful giveaway!

I will answer the ride with Santa or mouse under the manger.

Definitely would give anything to be the mouse under the manger. Can you imagine being present for the birth of our Saviour?! I have always been fascinated with what Mary thought when she gave birth to Jesus. What was it like to be his mother?

Pick me, Santa - I want an all-expense paid around the world trip in a flying sled, you bet! BTW, love your pegboard and crafty re-arrangement!

The sleigh ride would be amazing, wouldn't it????

i want to be the abominable snow man from that old rudolf movie. mostly because of the warm fur. it is cold!

I'm going with the sleigh! Woohoo Santa!

Ha-- you're a funny lady!
thanks for being so generous! I'd like a ride in Santa's sleigh.

Wonderful giveaway! Definitely Santa's sleigh!

I'm Jewish.
(((But I would still really really really like a ride on Santa's sleigh))

An acrostic:
really really Chilly
In canada
(Lame, but true.)
Ha ha, I like a challenge.

That's a tough one. I would love a Midnight ride in Santa's sleigh but would prefer just a ride in a slight with lots of jingle bells and maybe a little earlier since I'm not a late night gal. Mice just creap me out but I would love to be able to hear what was said by the manger. Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

First of all - beautiful things you are giving away! Second, I laughed so hard at the "writing" for your Christmas letter...I thought, "is she serious?" Too funny! And I personally, would have loved to be a mouse under the manager at the birth of Jesus. To witness such a miracle - priceless. Thanks so much!

Wait a minute here...I just read your "about me". Girls 9, 9, and 9? Triplets? So cool! I have identical twin girls - almost 9. Too cool!

That's easy...sleigh ride!

Totally lovin your giveaway. I would love to be the mouse in the manger. Great giveaway, thanks.
littlefamily1997 at msn dot com

The sleigh would be fun, but chilly. Awesome fabrics!!

Great giveaway....
Skip the holiday letter this year or use the standby "money's tight, times are hard..." Perhaps that's why I've abandoned the card sending this time of year, hmmm!

Jolly Elf and precarious sleigh rider!

What a great giveaway and what great requests for comments! Thanks for making me laugh this morning! I am thinking that it would be magical to ride with Santa, you know, feel the wind on my face and hear the jingle bells, but even more magical and humbling to be present at the birth of my Savior so I guess I'd have to go with being a mouse.

what a pretty bag. hmmm... I try to be a jolly elf

I'd rather be a mouse under the manger! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

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